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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:16

PreSales Question: Swap Images for Menu Titles

Poster: mpappert
Dated: Monday August 9 2004 - 13:21:43 BST

Hi Everyone,

In researching menu systems, this one seems the most promising as I am trying to create a menu system where the main menu is a collection of images, and then on mouseover it popups the associated menu. The catch is I want to be able to have the image change for another image when the mouse is over BOTH the image and the menu. I can accomplish this task for the image easily, but the problem is being able to keep the "on" image visible until the user exits the menu. I looked at HierMenu but the only way this could be done is using their events, and it creates a delay of about 1s from when the image hides and the menu closes.

A sample of what I am looking to do resides here:

They use an older version of HierMenu which allowed for this type of effect, however, the new version does not. I am hoping that Milonic's DHTML Menu will allow me to do this.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday August 9 2004 - 17:42:41 BST


You should be able to acheive that effect by using onsubimage. This image will remain present until the menu has been hidden.

Hope this helps

Poster: mpappert
Dated: Tuesday August 10 2004 - 0:19:41 BST

Hmmm .. I have tried to get this to work, but I must be doing something wrong?

I have a script called SwapImage, would I place it in this onsubimage tag? I'm still hacking away at this, but if you could provide me with more specifics on how I can do this, it would be great!

PS. I used the "Using The Popup Menu Function Positioned by Images" sample and just modified it slightly for my needs.


Poster: mpappert
Dated: Wednesday August 11 2004 - 13:22:40 BST


Still having problems trying to get the image popups working .. can someone please reply as I have tried to use the onsubimage but I can't seem to get it working ...


Poster: mpappert
Dated: Wednesday August 11 2004 - 13:23:42 BST

PS. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I purchased this software - is this the primary means of getting technical support or should I be emailing someone ...


Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Wednesday August 11 2004 - 13:45:37 BST

Do you have another web address you can give? The filtering software we use is blocking yours for some odd reason.

Poster: mpappert
Dated: Wednesday August 11 2004 - 14:10:32 BST

I just have a beta site up at this hidden URL:


Poster: Andy
Dated: Thursday August 12 2004 - 9:47:03 BST

PS. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I purchased this software - is this the primary means of getting technical support or should I be emailing someone ...

You could email menusupport [at], if you include your license details you should get a rapid response from Milonic.

-- Andy

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Thursday August 12 2004 - 17:54:24 BST

Hi M.

From your initial description, I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure what your goal is. Here's what I think you mean:

(1) The main menu is composed entirely of images

(2) When you mouse over a main menu item, it's image changes (a standard rollover effect) and a submenu opens.

(3) When you move the pointer into the submenu, the parent item (in the main menu) remains in it's moused-over state

(4) When you mouse off of the submenu, the submenu closes and its parent item (in the main menu) reverts back to its resting (mouseout) state.

Optionally, you'd like to have the same effect with some sort of arrow or other submenu indicator that has similar on/off effects?

Is all of that correct?

If so, these effects can be achieved pretty easily, but not the way you've constructed your menu. Many of the built-in image properties that apply (subimage, onsubimage, overimage, overbgimage, etc.) rely on having a true Milonic main menu and using the system's built-in showmenu trigger to open submenus. Your main menu isn't a Milonic menu; it's a collection of images and static links arranged horizontally and using the popup() function to open submenus. Since you've built your own separate main menu, and you manually use popup() to open submenus, there are no internal connections between your main menu items and the rest of the Milonic menus... you lose much of the functionality that way.

Don't know if that made sense, but to do what you want to do easily (without a lot more custom coding), you should build your main menu as a true Milonic menu. Have a look at these samples (I think 18 applies most directly to you):

Hope that helps,


Poster: mpappert
Dated: Thursday August 12 2004 - 18:37:06 BST

Thanks Kevin! That's exactly what I'm looking for!