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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:16

popup appears but blank

Poster: dhaack
Dated: Friday August 6 2004 - 2:58:52 BST

I have system storing the locations using offfunction to cookie so can remember last menu with dynamic menus.

Everything works when I return, except the popup menu is blank instead of the list of items. The location and size of menu is correct.

All menus are working properly otherwise.

any help would be appreciated


function setcookiemenu(mainmenu,menu) {
var locs=gpos(gmobj("menu" + getMenuByName(menu)));
y=setcookie(mainmenu,menu + "," + locs,1);
return y
function getcookiemenu(mainmenu) {
var cookie = getcookie(mainmenu);
comma1 = cookie.indexOf(",",0);
comma2 = cookie.indexOf(",",comma1+1);
comma3 = cookie.indexOf(",",comma2+1);
comma4 = cookie.indexOf(",",comma3+1);
menuinfo = cookie.substr(0,comma1);
toppos = cookie.substr(comma1+1,comma2-comma1-1);
left = cookie.substr(comma2+1,comma3-comma2-1);
height = cookie.substr(comma3+1,comma4-comma3-1);
width = cookie.substr(comma4+1,cookie.length);
menuNumber = getMenuByName(menuinfo);
spos(gmobj("menu" + menuNumber),toppos,left,height,width);

Additional info

Poster: dhaack
Dated: Friday August 6 2004 - 6:08:39 BST

Problem seems when call onload; even though calling after drawmenus()

If setup a <a href='javascript:getcookiemenu('MENUSERV');'>...

works perfectly everytime. Has to be with something with loading of page

Any recommendations would be appreciated