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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:16

can you do dynamic url parameters/variable in the menu items

Poster: naclhead
Dated: Monday August 9 2004 - 22:05:00 BST

I use Cold Fusion. I usually pass a variety of of URL parameters via Cold Fusion variables to display the page I want.

<cfoutput> ... =#centerID#

Where #centerID# is a dynamic CF variable. I didn't expect it to work in the menu_array.js page and it didn't.

Is there a way for me to pass these varibales in this DHTML menu. If not I'm stuck.


Poster: John
Dated: Monday August 9 2004 - 23:04:16 BST

Yes, it works with ColdFusion. A Search for 'coldfusion' in the 'Version 5.0' Topic brings up 21 hits with lots of info.

Second thought is to rename that page to menu_array.cfm.

Here's a snip from one of mine...
with(milonic=new menuname("system")){   
aI("text=Browser: <cfoutput>#cgi.http_user_agent#</cfoutput>;image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Code Name: "+navigator.appCodeName+";image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Color Depth: "+screen.colorDepth+" bit;image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=IP: <cfoutput>#cgi.remote_addr#</cfoutput>;image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Language: "+navigator.browserLanguage+";image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Platform: "+navigator.platform+";image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Screen Max: "+screen.availWidth+"  x  "+screen.availHeight+";image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");
aI("text=Screen Resolution: "+screen.width+"  x  "+screen.height+";image=/sai/graphics/xpblank.gif;");