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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:09

Submenu font size issues with Firefox 0.8 and Opera 7.11

Poster: scargin
Dated: Wednesday April 28 2004 - 6:56:32 BST

I have added the version 5.14 of the table bound menu to a website that I am building and have noticed that it is not displaying correctly in Firefox 0.8 and Opera 7.11.

I suspect that it is something I have done rather than the menu.

The menu displays perfectly in IE 6.1.

The site can be viewed at :

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Cargin

Poster: Maz
Dated: Wednesday April 28 2004 - 7:43:22 BST

Place the script under the <body> tag:

Code: Select all

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="milonic_src.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>   
   <script   language=JavaScript>
   if(ns4)_d.write("<scr"+"ipt language=JavaScript src=mmenuns4.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");      
     else _d.write("<scr"+"ipt language=JavaScript src=mmenudom.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
   <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu_dataRapidMap.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>


Poster: scargin
Dated: Wednesday April 28 2004 - 8:50:01 BST

Placed the script under the body tag and it is still doing it.

Any other suggestions?



Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday April 28 2004 - 14:49:43 BST

What, exactly, is not displaying properly in Opera. Looking at the site in 7.23 (apparently the last release before the current 7.50b1) I'm not seeing anything obvious.

We have seen previous issues with Opera 7.11 that were corrected by going to 7.23.

Poster: scargin
Dated: Thursday April 29 2004 - 1:26:33 BST

Sorry about that . I should have been more specific.

In Firefox and Opera, the submenu text is larger than the main menu text. It appears to be ignoring the settings in the menu_data.js file.




Poster: Maz
Dated: Thursday April 29 2004 - 3:36:06 BST

Same problem as in other post, wrong style name ;)


Poster: scargin
Dated: Thursday April 29 2004 - 9:17:42 BST

As far as I can see my style names seem to be correct. It has been suggested that the issue may be related to combining the menu in a table cell with rollover images??

I even changed the reference to the style name in page itself to menuStyle and added the padding code to the menu_data.js file. This made no difference and I have since changed it back.



Poster: John
Dated: Thursday April 29 2004 - 15:11:34 BST

Thanks for the clarification.

I now see the problem. Much better cross-browser operation is frequently achieved by specifying font sizes in px rather than pt. Try changing fontsize="12"; to fontsize="12px"; (or whatever - switching to px may require a little adjustment).

Also, any numeric-only parameter does not require the "", so fontsize="12"; would actually be fontsize=12;, etc.

Poster: scargin
Dated: Friday April 30 2004 - 0:50:08 BST

Thanks John,

The issue in Firefox and Opera seems to be attributed to the font size as you suspected. Once I changed it to a pixel setting the fonts size was displayed correctly.

Thank you also to Maz and Ruth for all your help.


Poster: John
Dated: Friday April 30 2004 - 2:00:28 BST

As mentioned in another post, glad we got it for you.