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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:10

ImageSwap on mouseover only works for internal site links

Poster: Charles Lee
Dated: Wednesday April 7 2004 - 18:18:39 BST

:? I just converted v3.3.19 to v5.11 using the provided converter and all seemed well. After cleaning up a few things and then testing the menus I discovered that the overimage swap did not take place for any of the externally linked menu buttons. How can this be fixed? And yes, in the older version the image swap worked fine.

This is an Intranet site with both internal and external links.

This one works:
aI("text= About YNA-El Paso;image=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_spacer.gif;url=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/campus_info.htm;pagematch=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/campus_info.htm;overimage=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_over.gif;status=Individual sites of YNA-El Paso")

This one does not:
aI("text= Phone Directory;image=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_spacer.gif;url=http://iqmssrv.ep.yazaki.local/elcom+phone+list.nsf/;target=_blank overimage=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_over.gif;status=Extension directory for all sites")

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday April 7 2004 - 20:05:05 BST

You didn't closed the url with a ; before you put overimage.

Code: Select all

url=http://iqmssrv.ep.yazaki.local/elcom+phone+list.nsf/;target=_blank; overimage=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_over.gif;status=Extension directory for all sites;");


Poster: Charles Lee
Dated: Wednesday April 7 2004 - 22:08:38 BST

The semicolon is between the last forward slash and the first "t" of target.
But thank you for taking a look. :)

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday April 7 2004 - 22:31:05 BST

Not that one, the one that should be after target=_blank; My fault, I should have been specific about it. :oops:


Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday April 7 2004 - 22:39:41 BST

When posting code, please use the [code][/code] "BBCode" tags, as Ruth did. Helps cut down on the confusion. Also, frequently code not inside these tags is translated to emoticons, etc., and gets lost entirely.

Poster: Charles Lee
Dated: Wednesday April 14 2004 - 14:26:08 BST

Ruth, you were right. Once I added that semicolon all worked as it should. Thanks a bunch.

Code: Select all

aI("text= Phone Directory;image=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_spacer.gif;url=http://iqmssrv.ep.yazaki.local/elcom+phone+list.nsf/;target=_blank;overimage=http://yna-elpaso.ep.yazaki.local/menu/images/arrowlogo_over.gif;status=Extension directory for all sites")