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Taken From The Forum: Anything Goes
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:09

dualing menus?

Poster: jeallen
Dated: Monday April 19 2004 - 1:57:35 BST

I really like the Milonic menus, because they let a marketing hack like me look like I can program. This has probably been hashed to death, but I couldn't locate it in my searching - so go easy on me... :oops:

I want to have two menus, one horizontal and one vertical with the same content, but with entirely different appearances.

I understand I can change appearances with menu styles, but how can I configure a 'global' look for two separate sets of menus (so all the items on the horz list have one set of colors and all the items on the vertical have a separate set.)?

Do I need to duplicate all my menu defintions (one set with each style) or use a entirely separate menu_data for each menu set?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday April 19 2004 - 2:41:45 BST

You can do it in one menu_data file, you just define two menus, both with alwaysvisible=1 and each with their positioning as you want them, [remember that vertical is the default] and also you need to define two styles, one to go with each. As to the style definitions, let's say the first style is going to be called menuStyle, if the style for the second menu is going to be the same except for the colors, then you can define the next style as

Code: Select all

menuStyle1=new copyOf(menuStyle);
and so....for whatever is different
What you are putting here are just the items that are different. If most of the items are different then I would define a whole new style.


Poster: jeallen
Dated: Monday April 19 2004 - 2:54:39 BST

Thanks Ruth, know sometimes you read it and it just doesn't click. You not only answered my question, but your code clipping actually goes a long way toward helping me understand how these definitions work!