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Taken From The Forum: Anything Goes
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:14

User List

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday September 3 2003 - 22:43:12 BST

Looking to see what some of the other folks around here are doing with the menu? Take a look at as put together by Marty. Note the numerous options available - sort, search, rating, broken link report, etc.

Very nicely done, but still a work in progress.

Poster: LuxAngel
Dated: Friday November 19 2004 - 23:53:45 GMT

I read that the User List is editable by licensed site (owners). Is that only for those that paid for a license? I'm kinda proud that my site was approved for a free license (see here--------> :D <---------), and I'd like to be added.


(By the way, I get lots of compliments on my menu now, and I've recommended it to the webmasters that inquired about it).

Poster: marty
Dated: Saturday November 20 2004 - 9:53:15 GMT


At the moment that's correct, but if you send us your details we'll add your site for you. Domain name, category, description etc.


Poster: LuxAngel
Dated: Thursday November 25 2004 - 22:34:26 GMT

Hey, thanks a lot! :D