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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:13

Upgrading to Version 5

Poster: ajaabney
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 19:56:08 BST

Hi. I used the converter to upgrade to version 5. Do I have to edit the mmenu.js file as well? I uploaded just the menu_array file and now I am getting the error mm_style is undefined. Also, I have a free license from the previous version. How can I edit my user profile to reflect that I have a license so that I can download the newer versions?

Poster: ajaabney
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 20:02:18 BST

I went ahead and put the old menu back up until I know what I have to do to get the new one to work. So if you visit my website, you will see the old menu. Thanks.

Poster: John
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 21:25:57 BST

Can't help it, but I gotta say - read the docs!

They tell you exactly what files are needed and where they go. mmenu.js is a v3 file, not a v5 file. That, and the fact you've not uploaded all the files that are needed (educated guess), is why you're getting the error.

If you're still having problems we'll be more than happy to help.

Poster: ajaabney
Dated: Friday September 12 2003 - 19:17:01 BST

Maybe I should just start over with the new version. It says that you can download version 5 for free if you have an existing license, which I do have from when I got version 3. How can I update my member profile to reflect the fact that I do already have a license? Right now, it says that none are registered in my name and when I try to download version 5, it asks me to pay for it.

Poster: John
Dated: Saturday September 13 2003 - 22:22:32 BST

v3 was free, v5 (for the time being) is pay only. You will need to purchase a new license (cheap, considering how advanced it is). The list reflects v5 stats.