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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:13

screenposition="center" adds a line of 1 to 2 px

Poster: 4viggo
Dated: Wednesday September 10 2003 - 12:28:10 BST

Whenever i turn on screenposition="center"; the menu adds a line of 1 or 2 px underneath the menuitems and seperator bars.
I get this when playing with the Horizontal Navigation Bar sample.
Sorry but have not posted this code yet, so i 've got no URL at the moment.
I need to get version 5 to work for me before i can put it out there.
Here is the code for the test i'm doing:

with(milonic=new menuname("Main Menu")){
aI("text=Home;url=;status=Back To Home Page;");
aI("text=Menu Samples;showmenu=Samples;");
aI("text=My Milonic;showmenu=My Milonic;");

Is this a bug or?
P. S running ie 6.0 on XP


Poster: Maz
Dated: Wednesday September 10 2003 - 20:29:41 BST

The only time I had that problem was when margin= was present.
I would try a height property next.


note. my menu has an artificial 1px line under in a table element bgcolor, it was by accident but I liked the effect and left it in for now.

Poster: 4viggo
Dated: Wednesday September 10 2003 - 23:20:36 BST

No margin present in the file. (it's not present in the style or the menu part)
I also played around with all the height and padding etc. properties i could find, but it still did'nt change anything.
If i remove the screenposition="center" it's all normal but as soosn as i add it back again the 2px line returns.
Any thoughts anyone??

Poster: gremlin
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 0:15:12 BST

I am having the same problem and I think I have narrowed it down to IE 6. I have viewed the menu properly in Mozilla and IE 5.5. Anyone see any differently? An example of mine can be seen at Thanks for the help.

Poster: gremlin
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 20:23:51 BST

Does anyone have any information on this incompatibility or perhaps some workaround? Please see my link above to look at the situation I am talking about. I have recreated this error in IE6 on several pc's. If you can get the large bottom border to show up, try clicking on the forum link and moving your mouse cursor down while it loads the next page. The menu starts to wildly grow on its own!! (No I haven't been doing any really does happen). :-D

Poster: 4viggo
Dated: Thursday September 11 2003 - 23:29:53 BST

Same thing happens here, it must clearly be a bug??

Does anyone ( or Andy ) have clue as to what is happening?

Poster: 4viggo
Dated: Friday September 12 2003 - 8:51:43 BST

Never mind it seems to be fixed in rc9 :P

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Friday September 12 2003 - 15:08:09 BST

Gotta love progess. Every new RC is a good thing, and you asked so you shall receive!

gremlin, I think i see a problem. You have one style defined for all the menus. This style has a fade,alpha,and shadow overfilter on it. Your top most menu is static and shouldn't be appearing and disappearing so you dont need to apply a fade filter to it and I think this has caused problems in the past. Make a new style, roughly identical to your current style but remove the fade overfilter from it and make your top most menu use this new it does not need fade and I think that causes problems.

Hergio is the man

Poster: gremlin
Dated: Monday September 15 2003 - 1:20:48 BST

Thanks man. I removed all the filter definitions on a new style for the main menu, and now the issue no longer occurs. Can't thank you enough man. :)

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday September 15 2003 - 3:49:24 BST

hey no problem, man. Your welcome man! Glad I could help. :lol: