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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:13

keepalive too strong or popdown() too weak??

Poster: UEBen
Dated: Tuesday September 9 2003 - 20:13:24 BST

I'm working with an image map menu system, similar to the image map sample #4.

My map is of the U.S. and when you click on the state of Indiana a map of Indiana pops-up outlining all 92 counties in the state. My idea from here to allow users to select a county which then pops-up additional information.

In order to provide this functionality I need to inlcude the keepalive property with the Indiana menu, otherwise the map of Indiana will disappear once you mouse over a county. However, the keepalive property works too well in that the map of Indiana remains visible regardless of any other actions taken on the page.

The popdown() function that I'm using throughout the rest of the map doesn't help. The keepalive property is too powerful!

Here is a link to the map: ... selors.asp

Any ideas?

Oh, and I only have two working counties at this point. The top-left two counties: Lake and Porter.


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Wednesday September 10 2003 - 3:25:42 BST

Personally, from a design standpoint, I would recommend you change up how you implement this. I think you are using the menu not exactly as it was intended and its beginning to show its limitations. What I would do is when a state is clicked, have a popup window appear with the state map in it and INSIDE of that you put your menus. That to me makes more sense because the way you are doing it, you are getting into more than one menu chain going at a time and the menu can't do that. It was only designed to keep menus open when they had a child menu that was open and you have it so you have two different menus open totally independant of eachother. Just my two cents. ;)