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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:11

Free Downloads Available Again

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Saturday September 20 2003 - 21:51:38 BST

The menu code is now available again on the milonic website for free download to those users who do not have a license. :D This free download version is an evaluation version and contains a link to Milonic on all top level menus, as that is what the free license agreement entails, a link back to Milonic in exchange for free use of the menu. Licensed users can continue to download the non-evaluation version of the menu. Once you have tried the menu, you can purchase it and have the Milonic link removed...and we encourage EVERYONE to purchase the license as this is a great product worth paying a couple bucks for! :D

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday September 21 2003 - 20:56:23 BST

I'm going to make this suggestion again. I was thinking about the many who have said things like, I'd like to donate something. Wondering if there's a way to put that on the 'purchase' list....don't know if it's possible to set something like that up since it would have a variable 'price' depending on what someone donated. But, since you are already set to accept credit cards, I thought it might be an option. :)


Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 10:25:13 BST

Just thought I'd better recap on the license deal.

We only charge companies and people intent on making money, so not sure how to do the donate button. I do have reservations about our tax issues but I will look into it though. However, believe it or not, it's not high on our list of priorities at the moment 8O Too busy making the menu better to worry about making money :D

On a license note:

Milonic's deal has always been NOT to make money from users that are helping others without charge. This does not include companies (sorry but that's the way it is) So we cannot even offer a free license to a company. If they download and install without buying then they leave themselves wide open. It has happened before as most of you know and it was VERY embarasing for all concerned when it was discovered.


Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 13:38:37 BST

With Paypal all you need to do is register your email address. There is no cost to send a paypal payment, but they take a small percentage (about 3%) for handling the transaction.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 13:42:46 BST

We've done that already - dhtmlmenu hat but I'd need to send you a receipt.

Mr Tax Man and Mr VAT Man might not be best pleased with us otherwise :roll:

I'll see if I can get the system to generate one automatically.


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 14:24:38 BST

So basically right now, if people want to give some money back to milonic, even though they are using the free license (legally) , they must purchase a professional license (~US34). Which isn't too bad. But what you're sayin is having the donate button would allow those people who dont have much cash to throw around, or only want to give alittle and not full out get a license and want to only give like 5 bucks, they could use the donate button. Having a paypal donate button the homepage might be alright to have and contribute some to the check book, eh Andy?

Poster: John
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 14:59:35 BST

The PayPal button should generate a receipt back to the sender.

Poster: Maz
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 22:32:50 BST

PayPal has a whole developers forum to do anything you want it to.
The problem is keeping records for the British tax system, like declaring tips I think the percentage drops, international transactions are handled quite well, but is it worth it?

I have the opposite problem, donations but nothing that accounts as a private service.

Andy could reinvent himself as the Milonic Foundation ;)


Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 22:59:11 BST

The problem is keeping records for the British tax system

Couldn't agree more. At the moment NOTHING is being done in the way of development because both Marty and myself are heavily involved in completing our quarterly VAT (Value Added Tax) return. If we don't complete it on time and to the nearest penny we have to pay penalties.

We are also close to our deadlines for Corporation Tax and Income Tax returns. It makes us wonder why we bother sometimes. Although we do have the freedom of running our own business so we can work the hours that suit (yeah right - It's 23:00 here and I'm still on-line) we do have many other problems to deal with.

This is why we can't just create a link for people to pay us money. We simply must ensure that any money we do make is ALL accounted for, otherwise we could end up in jail on fraud charges.

Once we are on target with current finances, a donation button will appear but at the moment it will cause us too many problems so it will just have to wait.

Somebody told me that the Turks and Caicos Islands don't pay tax, any nice places to live there? Definately worth thinking about. I'd be close to the USA too and considering 90% of our business is in America makes sense for us to move out there. The UK is on the decline :cry:


Poster: John
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 23:20:13 BST

Thanks for the update, Andy. Sounds like you really have it a lot worse over there than we do here.
Andy wrote:
Somebody told me that the Turks and Caicos Islands don't pay tax, any nice places to live there?

Let me know if you find something :!:
Andy wrote:
The UK is on the decline

That's a shame. Too many folks trying to get their fingers into the pot?

Have you guys been there all your life?

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 23:44:46 BST


See here john

it's a tax haven :D

BUT - According to the map on my wall here it belongs to the UK :roll: One of the many countries stolen by the British Empire many years ago no doubt.

Oh - Yeah, lived here all our lives, getting a bit sick of paying high taxes to keep the free loaders in news cars, beer and pot.

Poster: John
Dated: Monday September 22 2003 - 23:50:00 BST

Holy cow :!: What a liberal place. They sure don't hide the fact you can do just about anything. It was great up to the point you said, "...belongs to the UK".

Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Wednesday October 1 2003 - 9:46:15 BST

As Milonic is a fully 'on-line' business, can't it be located on a sever in a country with better taxes? Don't some betting websites do this?

I don't always agree with this but Andy is right in the way the UK government screws us all with taxes.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday October 1 2003 - 10:37:46 BST

I'm all for the Turks and Caicos Islands but Marty is worried there wont be any department stores :D

Off-shore server eh? Effectively we are working from the UK and our server is located in the UK. We would have a very difficult time with the IRS proving that the business was in fact run in the "tax haven". It's not impossible but it's very difficult.

-- Andy

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday October 1 2003 - 19:26:18 BST

Andy wrote:
I'm all for the Turks and Caicos Islands but Marty is worried there wont be any department stores :D

Remind her this new thing, I think it's called the Internet, 'appears' to be very capable of taking care of that problem :!: ;)