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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:09

Absolute vs relative URLS

Poster: jeallen
Dated: Saturday September 27 2003 - 21:37:38 BST

I have the menu bars working fine, but I read that I can use relative links vs absolute. I read this to mean I shouldbe able to do the following:

aI("text=Our Staff;url=;");
- or -
aI("text=Our Staff;url=/staff/index.html;");

However I get a script error when I use this syntax.

Is there something simple I am doing wrong here?

Poster: stephen702
Dated: Saturday September 27 2003 - 23:57:48 BST

If your menu page is in the default directory, your problem probably is the initial slash, which is sending your request to another directory.


aI("text=Our Staff;url=staff/index.html;");

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Sunday September 28 2003 - 3:54:21 BST

You were right on the syntax there jeallen....the leading / means absolute URL and tells it to start from the root of the website and starting looking from there. To be getting a script error seems odd, if you could, please post a URL or your entire menu_data file. Thanks.

Yep is does indicate a script error, but only in FrontPage

Poster: jeallen
Dated: Monday September 29 2003 - 20:07:56 BST

It's really curious, the other problem I am experiencing is when previewing in FP 2002 the sub-image links appear broken (except in root level docs), unless a absolute (http://..) paths are used for the image. However, it works fine when published.

Its curious, because in this case, FP 2002 prview indicates a script error unless absolute paths are used for the URL:

aI("text=About Us Home;url=;");
- vs -
aI("text=About Us Home;url=/about_us/index.html;");

However, Once again, it works fine when published. It is a greater concern however because it prevents me from verifying script operation prior to publishing.

menu_data.js is in root all scripts are in /milonic