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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:07

Severe conflict between menu and Find function in IE6

Poster: Marc-Andre.Roberge __at__ mus.ul
Dated: Thursday October 2 2003 - 19:42:48 BST

Here is a problem on which I posted several months ago; it does not appear to have been solved.

Load a page such as <> and type Ctrl-F to bring up the Find dialog box. Now type "multiple properties" to search for a string of text that appears not only on the page but in one or more menu or submenu entries (here under Menu Samples). Make sure that direction is set to Down. No matter how often you click Find Next, the string "multiple properties" will not be highlighted.

(You can also type the words in the Google toolbar and then click on the words that appear on the right of the toolbar; that search function cannot find them either.)

Exit this and move to the end of the page. Bring up the Find box again and search, now specifying "Up" for the search direction, you will see the string being highlighted with each press of the Find Next button. Curiously, when searching downwards, it is not even possible to find the first instance of the string, even though it appears before the menu bar in which the string is found.

That a string that is part of a menu or submenu entry cannot be located in the text of a page causes me problems on my site, as users conclude that the string does not exist on a given page. Thanks in advance for trying to find a solution to this problem.

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Thursday October 2 2003 - 21:36:28 BST

This is IE specific, because in a couple linux browsers I just tried, it gets through all occurances of the search item. I know you can't expect your users to do this, but click just underneath the menu, in the whitespace in there and then do the search, it should work. As far as I know, I thought the search went through the code of the menu, but since you say it never makes it out of the menu, then I am not sure whats up.

Poster: Marc-Andre.Roberge __at__ mus.ul
Dated: Thursday October 2 2003 - 21:50:17 BST

The problem is precisely that clicking underneath the menu does not make a search possible (though I remember that with version 3 the highlight could leave the menu and search the text). The cursor must remain stuck within the menu text (where you cannot see it). I have tried several times but to no avail. If the problem is IE specific, it is most unfortunate because it will affect about 90% of users of any page using a Milonic menu.