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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:01

Right-To-Left menus

Poster: ronnie
Dated: Friday October 24 2003 - 2:04:01 BST

i've been trying the openstyle="rtl"; and also played with the _subOffsetLeft properties but none help -- i still can't see a decent menu on a page going from right-to-lefty (<BODY DIR="RTL">).

what happens is that the submenu items are mostly on the far right, no clear regularity there.

when having <BODY DIR="LTR"> the menu's showing up just fine.
(disregarding the iframe showing up on top of it for a moment).

i'm using IE5.00.3502.1000 with a Win2KPro os.
could this be a browser issue (just like the iframe doesn't give me problems on IE6)??

a simple sample of the problematic menu: ... anguage=he
the same file in LTR orientation: ... anguage=en

10x, r. ;)

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Friday October 24 2003 - 22:26:08 BST

What sort of look are you looking for? 8O Can you describe it and/or point out what you feel is lacking in your example? Do you intend for the main menu to be horizontal, as it is in your example, or vertical?


Poster: Andy
Dated: Friday October 24 2003 - 22:56:11 BST

From what I can see the only problem is the image position - Is this correct?

The RTL does appear to be working but for this images.

I do know of other instances where Hebrew and other right to left languages have been used with the menu perfectly well without complaints, but it is quite rare that this format be used, so can't be too sure that it was 100% successful.

The other problem we have that as English speakers and readers, we have a bit of a problem comprehending languages that are read from right to left and this ultimately has an effect on how well the software will perform.

I'm keen to get this fixed though so your input would be appreciated.


Seems to be an IE5.0 issue... :-\

Poster: ronnie
Dated: Friday October 24 2003 - 23:05:11 BST

hi andy & kevin,

here are a number of screenshots, taken on different computers.
the main difference is that problems happen to appear on IE version 5.00.x


currently i'm uploading 2 examples and will add some more when i get back home in a couple of hours.

thanks, r. ;)

p.s. - the example menus are in English so as not to confuse you any further. i suppose it'll work just the same in Hebrew, will check it out and let you know if needed.

also an IFRAME issue

Poster: ronnie
Dated: Saturday October 25 2003 - 17:47:49 BST

i forgot to mention the same problematic browsers also exhibit problems regarding IFRAMEs and form elements.
this may be even more important to fix (if at all possible), since the menus are pretty much useless once they're hidden behind the iframe and not on top of it.
(for example, when i try to search at: i get the menus behind some form elements. screenshot can be found at:

cheers, r. :)

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday October 27 2003 - 18:26:54 GMT

So what you're saying is there is a problem with you set the body to dir=rtl? The menus appear to be functioning correctly when its ltr like it 'normally' should do. It seems to me that when you set the dir=ltr the coordinates get messed up and 0,0 is in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Thats why I think the menus are appearing way off target. This probably is fixable, but Andy knows for sure and it sounds like he wants to nail it.

Poster: ronnie
Dated: Monday October 27 2003 - 20:07:45 GMT

yep. exactemundo!

BUT, note that this is a problem specific to IE5.00.x. higher versions of IE render form-elements/iframes/right-to-left just fine using the milonic5 menus.

meaning the problem may lie in the milonic code, and it may not. solving the top-left (0,0) coordinate issue may not be that trivial, you may have to totally/particularly flip coordinates when working on IE5.0...
(when exhibiting the problem on IE5.0 and DIR=RTL, the menus don't simply "take a right" instead of a left. no observable regularity there).

also, rendering the ifarmes & forms is, as i understand from your explanations in the past, totaly browser dependent. (bummer!)

oh, one last & important thing - i can't release the website i'm currently working on with no support for IE5.0 users, simply too many of them out there.. my only workaround is to have 2 seperate versions for IE5.0 and the even harder microsoft fanatics... :-\

10x, r. ;)