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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:07

problem loading the MENU

Poster: wkilc
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 13:46:48 BST

Hi all,

A client just wrote me and said:

"I really appreciate you continually improving our site. The new menu, however, does not appear to be working - at least on my computer. What I see when I go to our site are two small up/down arrows in the upper right corner, underneath the member login. But clicking on these does nothing - therefore I can't navigate the site. Is it just my computer?"

The website is

The old menu I used was JAVA... so she must have JAVA enanbled if the old one worked... I assume... what do you think? She wasn't specific about the browser... I am going to take my best guess and say IE 5.5. Most definately IE, though.

I posted a tech support request... but I figured I'd do it here as well... can anyone see a problem?

DHTML menu version 5.0. Placed all the scripts in a subdirectory called "java". The only script I modifed was menu_data.js.

Thanks all.



_menuCloseDelay=500 // The time delay for menus to remain visible on mouse out
_menuOpenDelay=150 // The time delay before menus open on mouse over
_followSpeed=5 // Follow scrolling speed
_followRate=40 // Follow scrolling Rate
_subOffsetTop=10 // Sub menu top offset
_subOffsetLeft=-10 // Sub menu left offset
_scrollAmount=3 // Only needed for Netscape 4.x
_scrollDelay=20 // Only needed for Netcsape 4.x

with(menuStyle=new mm_style()){
fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
overfilter="Fade(duration=0.2);Alpha(opacity=90);Shadow(color='#777777', Direction=135, Strength=5)";

with(header=new mm_style()){
fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
overfilter="Fade(duration=0.2);Alpha(opacity=90);Shadow(color='#ffffff', Direction=135, Strength=1)";

with(milonic=new menuname("Main Menu")){
aI("text=<b>About CLCC</b>;showmenu=About CLCC;");
aI("text=<b>All Media</b>;showmenu=All Media;");
aI("text=<b>Contact Us</b>;showmenu=Contact Us;");

with(milonic=new menuname("About CLCC")){
aI("text=Who We Are;url=;");
aI("text=Join the CLCC!;url=;");

with(milonic=new menuname("Leadership")){
aI("text=Music Director;url=;");
aI("text=Section Leaders;url=;");

with(milonic=new menuname("Performances")){
aI("text=Booking Info;url=;");

with(milonic=new menuname("Apprentices")){
aI("text=Who They Are;url=;");
aI("text=Apprentice Rehearsals;url=;");
aI("text=Join the Apprentices!;url=;");

with(milonic=new menuname("All Media")){
aI("text=Picture Gallery;url=;");
aI("text=Sound Clips;url=;");
aI("text=Movie Clips;url=;");

with(milonic=new menuname("Contact Us")){
aI("text=Contact Info;url=;");
aI("text=Booking Info;url=;");
aI("text=Join the CLCC!;url=;");
aI("text=Sponsor Us;url=;");


Poster: John
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 18:18:05 BST

One item I see that may or may not be a problem is you use of the word 'header' for a style definition. Header is a reserved word in the menu, and 'could' be getting it confused (I'm not the JS expert around here). However, I would suggest changing header to something else - mainMenu, or main, or whatever...

That said, I looked at the site in OS X/Safari, IE5.2.3, and NS7.1, and OS 9/IE5.1.7 with no problems at all in any of those. Don't have Windoze handy, so I can't check it for you there.

What RC of v5 are you running?

Poster: Neo
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 18:29:44 BST

On my PC it runs perfectly correct.
(IE 6.0 WinXP SP1)
Maybe this can help.

Poster: wkilc
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 18:29:59 BST


I'm not sure what is meant by RC... I have seen several references to that in this forum. How do I check? I followed the link to download the .zip file for the script after I purchased a re-seller's 10-pack license last weekend, and used that as the basis for all my sites. So I assume what I have is the latest and greatest.

If the 'header' style definition might be causing problems, I can change that easy enough on all 10 of my sites. Anyone else think this is the way to go?

Thanks again for everything.


Poster: Neo
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 18:33:48 BST

RC means Release Candidate and is nowadays the specific version within V5

Poster: John
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 18:39:11 BST

As of this message, current is...

Version 5.0 Release Candidate 14.0 Built: Thursday October 2 2003 - 9:44

Note that the Built date is also important, as that can change while the RC number remains the same. You will find this at the top of the code in the comments area.

Poster: wkilc
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 19:01:54 BST

Okay... so I am using:

Version 5.0 Release Candidate 12.0 Built: Saturday September 27 2003 - 15:32.

So I download and replace only my 'milonic_src.js' files?

Whoops... when I download from, I still see 'Saturday, September 27 2003', rather than the newer one.



Poster: John
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 19:54:46 BST

Not sure what the problem is there. Andy will have to take a look.

Whenever you get a new release always replace all 3 of the menu code files (not your data file, of course).

Poster: Maz
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 20:03:11 BST

Is there any difference in download where it says menu 5 on a graphic or version - latest version?


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Saturday October 4 2003 - 21:31:07 BST

The old menu I used was JAVA... so she must have JAVA enanbled if the old one worked... I assume... what do you think? She wasn't specific about the browser... I am going to take my best guess and say IE 5.5. Most definately IE, though.

Just my two cents, this menu uses JavaScript to render itself, not Java. Java and Javascript are two very different things. There name is just similar. See

Just so your clear in the future.

Poster: wkilc
Dated: Sunday October 5 2003 - 2:47:02 BST

Okay... I now have details. To sum up:

I purchased the 10 pack license last weekend (several of my sites would probably qualify for free... but I want to support a good product)... implemented the menu on 10 sites in 2 days... (I'm actually a full time music teacher) the first complaint I heard was regarding:

The person having trouble viewing the menu is the group's president. (Figures.) She wrote:

The new menu, however, does not appear to be working - at least on my computer. What I see when I go to our site are two small up/down arrows in the upper right corner, underneath the member login. But clicking on these does nothing - therefore I can't navigate the site. Is it just my computer?

Convinced it was something simple on her end, I stopped by her house to see the problem first hand. I first checked her computer... Windows 98SE running IE 6.0.2800

She was running a Desktop Theme, but I defaulted it back to Standard Windows theme.

Ended task on every background application that could have been causing any conflicts. Cleared the cache and pulled up the page.

Sure enough... the menu did not load... the JAVASCRIPT error that IE recorded:

Line: 17
Char: 896
Error: Class Not Registered
Code: 0

Here's a screenshot:

I'm still using RC 12 dated 9-27-03... when I tried to download RC 14 from, I downloaded a .zip file which still contained RC 12 (

My next step was to check several of my other 9 sites from her computer... they all came up looking the same.... no menu... but a diminutive scroll bar where the menu should be.

Everything else that uses JAVASCRIPT (pop-ups.. etc.) seems to work okay.

Decided to pull up on her computer... SAME PROBLEM. No menu... same error. That surprised me! Here's another screen grab.

Check here browser settings... nothing that seeemed different from my settings at home:

Any thoughts? I have tested the menu on several machines using the same browser as hers... works great.

If it helps, my menus are here:

Thanks in advance...


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Sunday October 5 2003 - 9:35:48 BST

Hi Wayne,

You should probably have her install the latest update for IE6. If that doesn't do it, try a full install of IE6. My guess is that a crucial file (probably a .dll) is either corrupt, missing, or (more likely) has not been properly registered in the Windows registry. The site looks fine to me, BTW, on IE6/Win2k.

Hope that helps,


Poster: wkilc
Dated: Sunday October 5 2003 - 19:10:41 BST

Thanks Kevin,

She had just run Windows Update before I arrived to work on her computer. (It had not worked correctly even prior to that.) If everyone is on agreement that her browser (or Windows Registry) is probably corrupt... then that's what I'll tell her. I am pretty sure she is under the impression I should not have upgraded the menu from the previous free menu I had acquired from another website. (Even though the prior menu didn't play well with anyone using Netscape 7.0... it worked for her... knowwhatimean?) I need to convince her that the problem really is just her computer and the rest of the world can see access the page better than before the changeover to Milonic. Just trying to prepare my argument.

Looks like RC 14 is now available from the .zip file on ...thanks to whomever fixed that.


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday October 6 2003 - 2:45:03 BST

I'd have to agree with the browser problem. Its too specific to her to have everyone else seeing it fine while she's having problems. Its actually been a problem before and people have cleared it up with a fresh install of IE, so our diagnosis isn't untested. ;) She should reinstall. If your still nervous, do a search on the v5 forum for IE and restall dlls and stuff like that, you should see where people have had problems and how they fixed them.

Also, I just need to say this. EXCELLENT troubleshooting! Its not often that I feel totally in-step with what someone was doing and trying to figure out as I did with you. Awesome job explaining things and useage of screenshots was perfect. I wish more people could explain things like that, but I also understand not everyone is as savvy as you probably are so its fine, but its refreshing every once in a while. Thanks! And thanks for supporting the menu and stickin with us!

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Monday October 6 2003 - 7:25:07 BST

so our diagnosis isn't untested

Got it! :lol:

Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Monday October 6 2003 - 8:48:27 BST

If it's any help our school boxes running NT with IE5 don't show V5 of the menu.

But, stick IE6 on and there is no problem.

However, I really am going to try and push for a new browser, such as Mozilla or Avant.

Poster: wkilc
Dated: Monday October 6 2003 - 11:23:10 BST

Thank you all.

I have installed RC 14 (versus RC 12), but I don't think that will solve her problem since she as unable to see the menu Saturday on, which was using RC 14 at the time, I believe. I'll recommend she reinstall IE.

When you say that your machines cannot see v5 of the menu... do you mean my site or all versions of the milonic menu v5? Can it be that these mcahines are are imaged from one another and all are corrupt? (missing the dll files, etc.)

I guess the safest thing to do... I'm going to work on some site maps and hide a link to them under the menus, just in case people can't see the menu. That way peolpe can still navigate the site.

Thanks again.


Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday October 6 2003 - 13:04:54 BST

We use <noscript> tags for displaying menus when the JavaScript menu fails.

You can see the source view from for more details


Poster: wkilc
Dated: Tuesday October 7 2003 - 12:29:56 BST


Andy found a way around the faulty browser without having to re-install IE...

Andy wrote:

"The problem is that certain ActiveX security settings have been turned off. This browser will not be able to see any transitions or effects but the menu should work."

The menu now works with RC 15. How's that for fast?

Thank you!!! You guys rock!


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Tuesday October 7 2003 - 13:45:08 BST

Hey you're very welcome. Nice job by Andy in nailing that one.

Thank you!!! You guys rock!

Man, if I had a nickel for everytime I've heard that, I'd have like, 10...15 cents! :lol: Thanks.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Tuesday October 7 2003 - 14:04:27 BST

Heh - You won't believe how I found it - It was cuz of a virus :lol:

We got Qhosts on one of our XP machines. This was last Friday just before MS released the patch - Got it from someones website, must have been related to the menu cuz I don't visit any other websites.

Anyway, this virus comes in through a hole in IE via ActiveX, you get by just visiting the infected web site (Very scary stuff) - This could be a very big virus soon if it's not patched quickly enough, and you heard it here first ;)

So, to prevent any future attacks we stopped ActiveX from running and this in turn broke the menu and led us straight to the problem.

So for once, virus writers did us a favor. Doesn't excuse the fact that they should all be castrated though.

There's more info here if you're having trouble reaching, and many other search engines.

Oh and the file to edit is c:\%WINDIR%\help\hosts and not c:\%WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts like I was trying to do, took me ages to figure that out.