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Taken From The Forum: Anything Goes
Forum Topic: Click to view post
Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:00

Hey Dave (Hergio)... did you see clickfunction?

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday October 28 2003 - 23:27:22 GMT

Hey Dave,

Did you notice that you now (RC19) have your desired clickfunction property? Think we'll get openfunction and closefunction properties down the road... Andy?


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Wednesday October 29 2003 - 12:57:54 GMT

Yeah thats awesome! So Andy, this clickfunction, I know previously this could have been done using the url=javascript:thing(), what makes this one different? Essentially is it putting an onClick attribute into the menu and whatever you specify to clickFunction goes into the menu element?

in the menu definition is equivalent to
in a HTML element that renders the menu?

Thanks Alot Andy!!!

Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday October 29 2003 - 13:35:17 GMT

Yup, clickfunction is another method. It's in addition to url= so that if your url is based on certain properties returned from a click, it can be changed.

FYI - _m is an array of menus and _mi is an array of menu items. The quick reference tells you which array slot the property is in so
is the menu items text.

It would have been nicer to use OOP but would have made the menu way too big in terms of file size. So everything is stored in arrays.