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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:20

Problem with Netscape 7.1

Poster: instcoord
Dated: Tuesday November 4 2003 - 15:52:58 GMT

A few weeks ago I downloaded the unlicensed version of the Milonic Menu, modified the menu_data.js file to suit the web site ( ) and everything worked OK, as far as I know.
I registered, and obtained a license, and downloaded the licensed version of the menu.
Now, however, the menu does not render well when viewed with Netscape 7.1. In fact, it virtually covers the whole page. It looks OK when viewed with Netscape 4.8 or MSIE 6.
To see what I mean, check - it is using the licensed version of the menu.
The main site ( ) is still using the unlicensed version.

Is there anything I myself can do to correct this problem? Or is the licensed file menudom.js written in a way which is incompatible with NS 7.1? If so, could it be changed?

The original, unlicensed version of menudom.js seemed to be OK, other than that it had the embedded Milonic Menu as the second line.

Any help, anyone?

PS: I'm virtually computer illiterate, so if you answer please do it in a way a newby can understand.


Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday November 4 2003 - 19:26:32 GMT

You have some serious problems with your HTML in general. These need to be cleaned up first. For instance...

1. You have </head>, then a bunch of table stuff, and then finally a <body>. No good - the order is </head><body>, then your additional code.

2. Your table code at the top is incorrect. You have numerous errors with unclosed tags (<tr> and <td>) that need to be fixed. In addition, there are many other tags throughout the document that are either out of place or unclosed (<font>, <center>, etc.).

The problem with the menu is that you had it in a <td> with a width of 70% applied. If you take the JS menu calls and move them up to the first items after <body> (after you have moved <body> to the right place), it fixes the problem.

Poster: instcoord
Dated: Tuesday November 4 2003 - 23:45:43 GMT

Thank you for your help and pointers, John.

I will pursue them, but it will take a few days (or more).

Thanks again!

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday November 5 2003 - 19:36:26 GMT

You said you are "virtually computer illiterate", so I hope you understand what I was saying. HTML can be picky about things, and needs to be written in a specific order, e.g.;
Your code here...

Also, in most cases, you need to close tags that you open. You left a lot of tags open in your tables...

Notice the order of the close tags - they are in the opposite order to which you opened them. This is important. Tables are a good example, because in some browsers they won't even show up if the tags are not closed properly.

In many cases you have used multiple tags where a single would do. This is not an error, but it makes it tougher to remember to close everything, e.g.;
<font face="Times"><font size="+1">Text here</font></font>

...instead of...

<font face="Times" size="+1">Text here</font>

Hope this helps a bit. Let us know how it goes.

Text Color Problem in Netscape 7.1

Poster: InfernoCruiser
Dated: Sunday March 14 2004 - 18:43:51 GMT

Please check here:

As far as I can tell, it looks OK in most browsers except in Netscape 7.1, where the text stays almost the same color as the background for the page you're on. Looks like a solid black box until you mouse over it.

Any suggestions?


Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday March 15 2004 - 11:15:44 GMT

You've missed the hash on pagecolor in your style.

Should read pagecolor="#ffffff"; instead of pagecolor="ffffff";


Poster: InfernoCruiser
Dated: Monday March 15 2004 - 11:22:18 GMT

Thanks, Andy.