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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:20

making a menu title inactive

Poster: dianajenna
Dated: Monday November 10 2003 - 19:52:16 GMT

When I have a submenu, I would like the main menu title to be inactive - like on the Milonic site. However, mine go to the "This page cannot be found" screen if you click on the main menu title instead of one of the fly-out titles. I'm sure there is a simple solution, I just don't know what it is. The url is Can you help? Thanks!

Poster: bobwill
Dated: Tuesday November 11 2003 - 15:08:09 GMT

Cannot not access your URL. I got the following message.

This domain is not configured for this service. Please contact the webmaster to have it enabled.

Poster: dianajenna
Dated: Tuesday November 11 2003 - 15:41:59 GMT

Sorry - I reposted above. Hopefully, it will work now.

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday November 11 2003 - 16:26:37 GMT

(Hope you don't mind me jumping in Bob)

If you don't want a menu item to do anything when it's clicked, then don't specify a url= in the aI() definition. Take your "Memo Series" item for example:

Code: Select all

aI("text=Memo Series;showmenu=menu_memo;url=../memo/memo_series.asp;status=Memo Series;")

The above definition tells the menu system to open a submenu called menu_memo when moused over, and go to ../memo/memo_series.asp when clicked. To eliminate the onclick part, eliminate the url=...; setting from the definition, like so:

Code: Select all

aI("text=Memo Series;showmenu=menu_memo;status=Memo Series;")

Note that the reason you get a "page not found" error is that does not exist (i.e., you also have a path issue in these URLs)

Hope that helps,


Poster: dianajenna
Dated: Tuesday November 11 2003 - 16:48:30 GMT

Kevin - Yes! It worked. Thank you very much.

Poster: bobwill
Dated: Wednesday November 12 2003 - 13:01:13 GMT

Not a problem Kevin. I did not have time yesterday to make a follow up comment.

Looks like the problem is fixed.

I was going to talk about path issues. Saw one link that that two "URL's=" on the same line.

Also if the root directory is "" then all you have to do is make your address to files in the root directory start with a "/" i.e.

aI("text=Root Files;url=/myfile.asp;status=My File;")

or if it is in a subdirectory then use the following.

aI("text=Sub Files;url=/subdir/subfile.asp;status=Sub Directory;")

Poster: dianajenna
Dated: Wednesday November 12 2003 - 13:35:50 GMT

Thanks Bob for the additional info. I really appreciate it.