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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:33

Status Field Display

Poster: bobwill
Dated: Sunday May 11 2003 - 14:55:41 BST

"Description Text", "URL", "Alternate URL", "Status", "Separator Bar" is the syntax of the way a menu item is displayed.

How come the text that is put in the "Status" field is only displayed on the browser status bar when the menu item is defined as a "show-menu". When the main menu item is a direct link to a URL then the URL is displayed on the status bar. This also goes for sub-menu items, the "URL" is displayed not the text placed in the "Status" field.

The following menu code does not display status on browser
,"Home","",,"Back to the home page",2

The following menu code does display status on browser
,"World Series","show-menu=series",,"World Series",2

Am on doing something wrong??

Poster: John
Dated: Monday May 12 2003 - 15:37:47 BST

Should work just fine.

From one of my sites...

,"ASU Sites","show-menu=asusites",,"ASU Sites",1
,"SAI Home","/sai/",,"Student Affairs Intranet Home Page",1

Both of those display in the status bar.

What version of the menu are you running? 3.5.15 is current.

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday May 13 2003 - 0:35:11 BST

Hey Bob,

I agree with John... it should work. Then again, you obviously don't see what you should. The question is "why?" Can you give us a specific URL where you don't see the status text that you should see? We'll have to be able to replicate the problem to try to figure it out. I looked at your site, and I do see "Back to the home page" in my status bar when I mouse over your Home main menu item. Your submenu items that have status text also seem to function properly for me; the status bar text shows up. I'm using IE6 under Win2k. What're you using?


Poster: bobwill
Dated: Tuesday May 13 2003 - 14:07:31 BST

OK, that's the problem. I am using Opera 6.05. I checked it out using IE 6.0 and it worked. I also checked it out using Opera 7.1 and in this version I only get the URL displayed not the "Status" text.

Guess it is the Opera browser.

Thanks. Opera must have a problem with output info to the status bar.

Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday May 13 2003 - 20:43:36 BST

Opera has a number of problems, many of which Andy has worked around. Try moving the JS calls up into the <head>, rather than in the <body>. Note, though, that this might do messy things to other browsers.

Seems to have something to do with wind direction... :roll:

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday May 13 2003 - 20:49:40 BST

....Opera must have a problem...

Agreed. ;)

Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday May 13 2003 - 20:52:06 BST

kevin3442 wrote:
....Opera must have a problem...

Agreed. ;)

Disagree - Opera has many problems :D