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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:25

white box for sub-menus with no bgcolour

Poster: Twill
Dated: Friday July 11 2003 - 8:13:14 BST

I set up a menu with a graphic background for the top level of menus but no image for the submenus. I set on/ofbgcolor=""; as was stated, but now when I load the page and select a submenu instead of coming up with no background, initially I get a white box in which the menus are displayed. if I move the mouse top to bottom of the sub-menu (ONLY top to bottom works) and let them dissapear, when I re-select the menu it shows up transparent.

you can see for yourself at ... g_temp.htm
It's the menu at the top. Keep in mind this page will keep changing as I finish the update. I will keep you posted on if i fix it or move it.

EDIT> Ok, so I changed the menu, now it's much easier to see the bug, although I have no idea what the problem is :) The menu should be on the left now. hope it's fixable.

Poster: Twill
Dated: Saturday July 12 2003 - 1:41:01 BST

OK, so after reading the sticky about RC2 and the problems with the college website, I downloaded the new .js file you provided there and am no longer getting the white boxes, and am able to show 2 menus at once.

wonderful work. thanks so much!