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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:24

Seeking Bound to a Table Cell Expert

Poster: Surfergirl
Dated: Thursday July 17 2003 - 17:02:53 BST

help - what other code do you paste on the page beside this one that goes in the cell

<script language=JavaScript>

This code below is at the bottom of the page and that is where the menu pops up....

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu_array.js"
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="mmenu.js"

What do I take out and leave in?

Poster: Andy
Dated: Thursday July 17 2003 - 23:35:42 BST

With version 5.0 you can embed the menu inside a table.

Tghe only requirement is that you set the position of the menu to relative with position="relative";

See here:


Poster: Surfergirl
Dated: Friday July 18 2003 - 21:34:49 BST

I went through the entire mmenu.js and changed all the 'absolute' to 'relative'. Now nothing comes up. This was with version 3.5.5

Also tried to get it working with version 5 with no luck, in any directory, tried all combinations, read the forum, still remain dumber than a box of rocks.

I'm missing something. Does the script that is located in the table cell have to name where to find the menu_array.js? or is just the name enough ie <script language=JavaScript>PlaceMenu("boundmenu")</script>

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday July 21 2003 - 10:51:49 BST


If you change anything in mmenu.js chances are it will break.

The only way to go with this will be version 5.0.

You should be able to either embed the whole menu inside a table or embed just one menu.

We hope to get some documentation released within the next few days.