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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:25

Frames and bottom alligned submenus

Poster: wasntme
Dated: Sunday July 13 2003 - 4:17:19 BST


I'm having a problem with the menu using three frames. I've got a top, center and bottom frame, with a menu in the top and bottom frames.

The top frame menu works fine, but I've got troubles getting the bottommenu alligned.

If you haven't scrolled the middle frame, the submenus appears on the correct positions. But when you scroll, and want a submenu, that submenu has also scrolled to the top.

I have set the property of the menu to be "bottom" -alligned (second line):

,"<img src=\"bckBottomMenuTop.gif\">","",,,0
,"&nbsp;Actueel","/bedrijfsleven/actueel/index.php backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Actueel",0
,"&nbsp;Winkels","/bedrijfsleven/winkels/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Winkels",0
,"&nbsp;Financieel","/bedrijfsleven/financieel/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Financieel",0
,"&nbsp;Diensten","/bedrijfsleven/diensten/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Diensten",0
,"&nbsp;Industrie","/bedrijfsleven/industrie/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Industrie",0
,"&nbsp;Bouw","/bedrijfsleven/bouw/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Bouw",0
,"&nbsp;Landbouw","/bedrijfsleven/landbouw/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Landbouw",0
,"&nbsp;Nutsbedrijven","/bedrijfsleven/nutsbedrijven/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Nutsbedrijven",0
,"&nbsp;Koepels","/bedrijfsleven/koepels/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Koepels",0
,"&nbsp;Links","/bedrijfsleven/links/index.php #backimage=bckBottomMenuOff.gif;overbackimage=bckBottomMenuOn.gif",,"Bedrijfsleven - Links",0

Has anybody else had this problem and knows a workaround?

Thanks in advance



Poster: wasntme
Dated: Sunday July 13 2003 - 4:30:59 BST

Forgot to include the example:

The same problem ...

Poster: baseman
Dated: Wednesday July 16 2003 - 11:08:47 BST


I've downloaded and tested the frame-version and have the same problems.

best regards


Same to 2 frames

Poster: CoolAsIce
Dated: Friday July 25 2003 - 9:31:10 BST

Hello! :mrgreen:

I also downloaded the frames version , but i got the same, but i have only 2 frames, Menu in the right frame. If you move with the mouse back over the frames border the submenu will be displayed on the left side for a short time, example: :arrow: (try it often)
The code is just simple:
Just want to open it from right to left. So i added the screen position "right"

,"PHP", "history.php?tp=php",,,0
,"JSP", "history.php?tp=jsp",,,0
,"JavaScript", "history.php?tp=jscript",,,0

Any suggestions? :?:

Thx in advance!


Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Friday July 25 2003 - 12:53:22 BST

Is this with version 5? Looking at your coding, it seems like Version 3.

V3 (the one with the frames example) is the older one. You've posted in the Version 5 section, so your question may not get answered.

Poster: CoolAsIce
Dated: Sunday July 27 2003 - 10:24:43 BST

Hi fredlongworthhighschool!

Well i thought i downloaded the actual version...
But you're right,
Milonic DHTML Website Navigation Menu - Version 3.5.15

...i have to go to the downloadsection and get new newest version.

Thx a lot


Poster: CoolAsIce
Dated: Sunday July 27 2003 - 10:38:07 BST

Hi again!

Can someone tell me which version i have, i posted the Version above.
3 or 5? :?: I downloaded the frames version and the "normal" menu, (mmenu.js) and their all 3.5.15.

Please open my eyes 8O


Poster: fredlongworthhighschool
Dated: Monday July 28 2003 - 8:23:37 BST

Sounds like version 3 - the same one that I'm using. If you obtained the ZIP file from the normal download option, then that is most likely V3.

The version 5 code only has examples for IFRAMEs.

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Tuesday July 29 2003 - 11:42:22 BST

Go here to get the latest version, which is 5. Your version said 3.5.15 which is the last version that no longer is being further developed, but still supported. Definetly upgrade yourself to the latest version of the menu, it will be well worth it.