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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:25

Followscroll syntax and arrow images ?

Poster: Romeo
Dated: Friday July 11 2003 - 8:58:10 BST

In Menu3 I use 1, or 0 to turn followscroll on or off but in the vertical menu what do the followscroll variable represent ?

followscroll = "1,50,2"

I am sorry for this unbelievable moment of stupidity, but how do you get the down arrow in the main horizontal menu with the right arrow in the sub menu. I have tried as per version 3 and below but still can only show either down or right but not both.

topbarimage = "images/arrowdn.gif";
topbarimageloc = "center;middle"
subimage = "images/arrow.gif";
subimageloc = "center;middle"

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Friday July 11 2003 - 14:04:45 BST

With followscroll the first variable is the padding that the menu will keep with the top of the window when it is scrolled down. Meaning, when your at the top of the page, whever you initially positioned the menu, it will stay, but when you scroll, whatever this number is is how far from the top the menu will keep itself.
The second variable seems to be scroll delay. The larger the number, the longer you have to wait between movements in the menu. If you put in 1000 (1sec) it will only move once a second, even if you scroll all the way down a page.
The third variable looks like scroll step. But its not size, its the amount. The larger the number, the more steps the menu will take between positions. I put in 50 and it crawls very slowly.
I hope I am remotely right on these, they are what I came up with based on experimenting.

Regarding getting the different menus, you need to make two different styles for each of the menus. For the menu with a down arrow, make a style with the image being the down arrow, and then make a copy of it and change the subimage to the regular arrow. Then apply the two styles to their repective menus, and you will have different arrows on each.
with(mainStyle=new mm_style()){
bordercolor = "black";
borderstyle = "solid";
separatorcolor = "black";
separatorsize = 1;
padding = 4
onborder="2px solid black"
fontsize = "75%";
fontstyle = "normal";
fontweight = "normal";
fontfamily = "verdana, tahoma, arial";
pagecolor = "purple";
pagebgcolor = "pink";
subimage="images/arrow.gif";  /// <-- Heres the reg arrow

s2=new copyOf(mainStyle)
s2.subimage="images/arrowdn.gif";  /// <-- Heres the down arrow