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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:25

Display menu from within folders

Poster: jcoones
Dated: Tuesday July 15 2003 - 21:22:05 BST

I am using Dreamweaver and have a template using a menu created with version 3.3.19. I am having a problem where, if I select a menu item such as "About Us" it calls up a page called "about.htm" which is in a folder called "About". This works fine but if I then select "Home" from the menu on a page that resides within a folder, which should take me to the index page located in the root, (eg: MySite/index.htm), it says Page not found c:\index.htm. I tried setting the path to "/index.htm" but no luck however, it does work if I use "../index.htm". Problem is that some pages for my site are two levels down while others are only one so having to adjust each page individually with either ../ or ../../ is ridiculous, especially when using templates.

I am testing the menu in dreamweaver.

Any suggestions?

John :oops:

I also finf that

Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday July 15 2003 - 23:28:49 BST

Two things...

First, UPDATE! [sorry] The current version in the v3 series is 3.5.15, which literally puts you 20-some levels down. Always get your updates here, not from a mirror.

Even better, move up to v5, now in RC stage and very stable. Since you're just starting you might as well go with the latest and best.

Poster: jcoones
Dated: Wednesday July 16 2003 - 6:14:31 BST

Thanks, I downloaded V5.