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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:35

Area between 2 horiz menus unusable?

Poster: spraine
Dated: Tuesday February 4 2003 - 3:09:27 GMT

Oh, boy...


Trying to put a photo between the two horizontal menus, toward the right.

No luck.

Additionally, I tried to put the news-ticker (appearing in the header) near the bottom of the page, but it kept appearing where it is.

Thought I could create a table to "live" in the "inner area", but no luck.

Can you use anything else when you're using these menus, or are they "the only game in town"???????

It's probably just me, but grateful for a resolution.


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Wednesday February 5 2003 - 0:18:59 GMT

Hi Steve,

You can use the menu scripts with other scripts, provided all of the scripts are implemented correctly. There are lots of people who use the menu scripts with other scripts (myself included), with no problem. I have seen other posts here, and in the mailing list, where scrolling scripts have sometimes been problematic... usually because of the way they are written or implemented (as though they are the only script you might want to use).

Taking a quick look at your page, my initial impression is that there may be other non-menu-related issues in the code. For example, I see some things in the <head> that might be better placed in the body, as content, or called from the onload event (i.e. the banner01a.gif image, or the code to to start the scroller). It looks like you have two different scrollers? But I'm not sure without taking more time to look. There are lots of things commented out (which I guess you've done temporarily, as you develop the site... a common practice, but one that can easily lead to small problems if something is not commented out that should be, or vice versa). I do that sometimes myself, but if the removals are extensive, it's often better to cut them out entirely and place them in a backup document, so that they can easily be reinstated later. That way, you can keep your code cleaner, and make it less likely that for an inadvertent pitfall to arise as a result of misplaced comments. I also see a block of paragraph tags like this:

Code: Select all


where there are three <P's without the closing angle brace. The fact the no text is being rendered in the body as a result makes me think that the browser is becoming confused higher up.

I'd suggest this: Remove all of the dynamic content... take out the scrollers entirely. Keep the page simple, putting in the content you want (i.e., pictures), in the table structure you want. Assuming that you'll want all of your menus on each page of your site, you could also combine your different menus into one .js file, rather than having several separate files (you don't need a separatye file for each "main" menu). Once you have the basic structure working, then try adding your scrollers, one at a time. Also, since you're using javascript, have you considered trading in your java applet scroller for a javascript equivalent? There are many out there.

Hopefully, that's food for thought anyway. Keep at it... it'll work!