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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:51

imagewidth / imageheight backwards

Poster: JMM
Dated: Friday December 26 2003 - 19:55:02 GMT

When I set the imagewidth and imageheight menu item properties, the values are applied backwards -- the image is displayed in the browser with the value entered for imagewidth as the height and the value entered for imageheight as the width. I just downloaded the latest version of the menu code and I'm seeing the problem in IE 6 / Win and NS 7.1 / Win.

Here is an example: ... /test.html

The menu data file that goes with it is: ... nu_data.js

When you open the page, look at the horizontal menu at the top. That menu is named "top_navbar" in the menu data file. The menu item images are so distorted you can't even read them, except for the last one, "Client Info", for which I reversed the imagewidth / imageheight values in the menu data file. Right click on the first menu item and look at the dimensions: 23x60. Then look in the menu data file where that item is defined (2nd item in "top_navbar") and you'll see that it has an imagewidth of 60 and an imageheight of 23.

Poster: pez
Dated: Tuesday December 30 2003 - 1:38:56 GMT

NOt the way milonic reccomend but you can do

aI("text=<img src=\"\ width\"23\" height=\"60\">;url=;");

make sure its all on one line
also see other post by me (pez)

Qusetion for you
How come you reference 3 different css style sheets?? in one html document

ps top left is my fave :D

Poster: JMM
Dated: Tuesday December 30 2003 - 15:34:59 GMT

That's how I had it before. Apparently they recommend that you not do that:

Re: the stylesheets: I setup most of my sites with two stylesheets that are used throughout the site -- one that contains everything related to the layout and design of the site, and another that controls the presentation apart from the layout (e.g. font size, family, color, etc.). Every page that has the main layout / design used for the site will load the layout stylesheet and the presentation stylesheet. Other pages, that don't have the main layout / design, will only load the presentation stylesheet, so that way they still have the same font size, family, etc. Then each individual page may have an internal stylesheet or load an external stylesheet relating specifically to that page or a group of pages.