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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:29

Navbar behind forms on one page but above on another?

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Saturday August 16 2003 - 21:37:18 BST

Using version 3.....

On this page the navbar works the way I want it with it above the form.

On this page it is behind the form:

Why is it working right on the first form but not the second?
What do I need to tweak in the code to make this work?


Poster: Maz
Dated: Sunday August 17 2003 - 2:04:11 BST

I don't see anything wrong.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Sunday August 17 2003 - 4:59:14 BST

How do you not see it?
If you click on Tech Briefs the navbar pull down goes underneath the form......

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Sunday August 17 2003 - 4:59:50 BST

On this page:

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday August 18 2003 - 14:10:30 BST

I think because one is a drop down menu, and all the others are text boxes. You may have to put the drop down in a div tag and then when you mouseover the menu, you call a function that hides the div so the menu can appear in front of everything.

Also Wolf, since you are sticking with version 3, post your version 3 questions to the version 3 forum until you upgrade. Keeps this forum cleaner and more focused on v5. :) Thanks.

Poster: xarli
Dated: Monday August 18 2003 - 15:04:16 BST

I have the same problem. In version 3.5.* you have to specify on the parent menu the name of the div tou want to hide an all went ok.

Upgrading to version 5.0 you have the hidediv but it does

While do you have removed this feature?!? I think this is really a bug. I cannot upgrade to version 5 without recode your sources!!!

This 5.0 bug have been reported many times and you always answer that it is a v3 question. I think it is a v5 question... isn't it?


PS: I'm sure that you maz & hergio can code a patch in seconds... or minutes... or...

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Monday August 18 2003 - 16:11:51 BST

Hidediv works for the most part because it allows the menu to render over iframes with ease and some form objects. I am sure the ablility to render on top of all form objects may come in a future revision. I would love to put together a script/hack but I dont have the time to start such an endevour. I have all the faith in Andy that he can do it. But I think I could do it too! ;)

Yes, this is a new menu so you have to recode your sources. The menu structure is different (and easier I might add) so it would be well worth your time to upgrade. There is also a conversion tool located on the milonic site

The reason I say v3 is because wolf is asking the question regarding the version 3 menu. The sites he listed on his post use version 3 and hes having the problem. He decided not to use version 5 just yet.

Poster: Maz
Dated: Monday August 18 2003 - 21:08:10 BST

xarli wrote:PS: I'm sure that you maz & hergio can code a patch in seconds... or minutes... or...


You wouldn't believe how much time I've wasted trying to be a perfectionist. I have the oldest system and browser and it rendered perfectly... just doesn't figure.

The new site helps create a new menu so much easier now.


Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Monday August 18 2003 - 22:10:42 BST


Could you explain in code how I write the hid div tage to do this in menu 3?

Thanks...I will post in 3 area instead of 5 now.

Poster: xarli
Dated: Tuesday August 19 2003 - 8:57:04 BST

Well, i think you (Maz & Hergio) are busy men. If you give me some guidelines i'll code the patch for you... i hope...

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Tuesday August 19 2003 - 9:48:38 BST

What do you need from me? I would be happy if you could code this for me. :)

Much appreciated.


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Tuesday August 19 2003 - 14:26:16 BST

Xarli, if you look at you will see that when you mouse over DHTML Menu > Samples, the menu goes over all the form objects with ease (at least in IE6). I looked at the page code and didnt see anything special (no hidedivs) so I think the menu does it automatically. Make sure you have v5_RC6 and take a look at Andys code to see what hes doing.

And Whiskey, I think the problem also lies in the fact you are using 3.3.19 when the most recent version of the 3 family was 3.5.X. I believe the most recent version of v3 took care of this problem easily. But since Andy changed EVERYTHING, you may be hard pressed to find the download for that. I suggest upgrading again (using the converter makes it easy). But if you need v3.5.X, maybe you should ask Andy for a URL in the other forum or by email and maybe you can get it.

Poster: xarli
Dated: Tuesday August 19 2003 - 15:25:38 BST

:D OK! OK! You don't have to do nothing special!

Guidelines for those ho have the same (unexistent) problem:

:idea: Place your form inside a div and name it (remember to set the same value for name and id attributes). Suppose we name it howdyform.
:idea: Specify that name in the correct place when you create the menu, for a menu without submenus:

Code: Select all

,"An Item","/url/to/somewhere onbordercolor=406080;offbordercolor=60A0C0;",,,0

:idea: Assure your menu and form fall into the same div or no div at all !!!
:idea: And that's all !!!

:D :D :D The better patch: NO PATCH! Great Job Andy and thanks Dave(Hergio) for finding the working example... trees hide me the forest

Dave, may i post the solution to all my annoying posts on all the forums??? :oops:

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Tuesday August 19 2003 - 15:29:30 BST

Ouch, hey now, I said I was sorry! :oops: Nice detective work, couldn't have done it any better myself! :lol:

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Wednesday August 20 2003 - 11:23:45 BST

Thanks a bunch. Will code it when I get a chance. Just had to re-code a bunch of product pages for their section on their Australian site and had to re-tool a bunch of product numbers but I will get back with you and I appreciate the time and effort involved for the fix.

Will try it in the next day or two......

Thanks again.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Wednesday August 20 2003 - 23:43:01 BST

Okay here's my form:

<div align="center" id="test"><form name="form1">

<p><font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong>By
<select name="site" size=1 onChange="javascript:formHandler1()">
<option value="">Go to....
<option value=";p_id=9735">Occupational Noise Exposure (1910.95)
<option value=";p_id=12716&amp;p_text_version=FALSE">Respiratory Protection (1910.134)

</form> </div>

I called the form id="test"

Here's my menu_array.js file:

,"Biohazard Warning","",,,1

I added the 'test' to here:

,"Biohazard Warning","",,,1

Is this not correct?
What am I doing wrong?


Poster: Hergio
Dated: Thursday August 21 2003 - 1:56:51 BST

,"Biohazard Warning","",,,1

This looks more correct as to what xarli was mentioning before. I have not been able to test it since i upgraded to v5 so I cant tell you exactly. But I counted xarli's example as the form id being the 18th spot in the array.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Thursday August 21 2003 - 2:55:55 BST

I added the 'test' after the effect in the correct spot in the menu_array.js file and the menu still goes under the form?

see the div tag here and how the tech info submenu goes underneath the form.

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Thursday August 21 2003 - 5:50:58 BST

Your div only has a name attribute, it needs both a name AND an ID attribute both set to the same value.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Thursday August 21 2003 - 7:02:08 BST

DOH! Of course will try and get back with you....


Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Thursday August 21 2003 - 7:11:40 BST

Still a no go.......


<div align="center" name="test" id="test">

Poster: xarli
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 10:20:52 BST

I've downloaded your last html test.
I've changed your index.js (why have you changed the name?) with mmenu.js (last version of v3.5.*) and ALL WORKS AS SPECTED!!!!!



PS: You better post at 3.* forum... ;)

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 10:43:51 BST

I thought that you had to change the mmenu.js file if you changed the .htm file?
I'm sorry my mistake.
I will change it back and try.

Thanks. :)

Will post in 3 from now on but just keeping the string going.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 10:53:22 BST

Just renamed the index.js to mmenu.js and the "tech info" submenu is still behind the forms????

Can somebody help....please?

Poster: xarli
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 12:19:02 BST


YOU DO HAVE TO UPGRADE (i tested last 3.5 version, to be exact i tested the mmenu.js that comes whith xp example on

NOT ONLY RENAME (rename is for sake of clarity)

Good luck... ;)

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 12:23:05 BST

I guess I'm using 3.3.19 that I downloaded from Dynamic Drive.

Can you please give me a link to version 3.5 or tell me where I can download.


Poster: xarli
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 13:13:42 BST

Are you saying to me that you have never surfed milonic new website?!?! :evil:
Too lazy man! ;)

Cheers & Luck :P

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 20:11:57 BST

Thanks I found it before I got your post I will use 3.5 and get back with you.


Poster: John
Dated: Friday August 22 2003 - 21:52:55 BST

Make sure you have 3.5.15. That is current, and last, of the v3 series.

Poster: whiskey3
Dated: Sunday August 24 2003 - 5:19:29 BST

Just upgraded to 3.5.15 and it works great!
Submenu goes over form...kick ass!

Thanks to Hergio, xarli, jgillet and everyone else who helped.

This forum is a great resource.

Thanks again and I will repost in 3 area from now on....

same problem

Poster: imran1malik
Dated: Wednesday July 7 2004 - 8:39:01 BST

hi to all,

since i have the same problem,
menu is behind the list box(combo box)
but let me explain that in ie(internet explorer) 6 this work fines.
but in lower version's of ie(internet explorer), it doesn't work .

so what is solution for that..

plz tell