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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:44

Question about nested links

Poster: tomandthecats
Dated: Tuesday September 3 2002 - 23:27:03 BST

Good afternoon Andy,
I appreciate the work you are doing here. I left a question yesterday, but have worked through it and found the linkage problems I was having. My question now is about nested links.

My menu configuration files are located in a parent directory. I have a picture gallery that consists of a thumbnail pages and the cooresponding pages to each thumbnail displays. Both the thumbnail and cooresponding pages all display the menu.

You probably know what the problem is already, but I'll explain for the public.

When in the thumbnail pages the menu works fine to get to the other thumbnail pages. When I'm in the nested pages and access the menu, the linkage doesn't work...because I'm asking for link that the menu thinks is linked from the nested page.

the links look something like this "../../parent/nested.html

when I change the links in the menu_array.js file to look like this


then the menu only works from the nested pages and not the thumbnail pages.

Is there any way around this please

Thanks for your time

Re: Question about nested links

Poster: Hardi
Dated: Wednesday September 4 2002 - 12:14:24 BST

:D Hi,
I've got the same problem.
Tried everything...
No Results...

Thnks, Hardowin

Poster: Scott
Dated: Thursday September 5 2002 - 13:18:31 BST

This is not so much a problem with the menu as with your approach to the problem..

If you use absolute links then you can specify exactly where the pages you wish to access are.. eg. (this is not a valid hyperlink)

instead of the relative ../parent/nested.htm version this way there is absolutely no doubt about the location of the page.

Poster: 4viggo
Dated: Friday September 6 2002 - 7:52:46 BST

Do also have a look at the "baseurl" topic posted earlier in the forum! :D

Poster: Hergio
Dated: Friday September 6 2002 - 16:50:31 BST


Exactly my sentimate. Scott is correct in that you should put the entire URL in the code. This will make the code alittle longer but it will keep you from having link problems down the road.