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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:21

Peculiar behavior...

Poster: brettzamora
Dated: Thursday October 10 2002 - 22:35:35 BST


I'm a new user of this menu product and I'm experimenting with it so as to understand what I can and cannot do with the product.

The first activity I tried to perform was to use the popup function with the MouserOver event and I kept getting an Error: Object Required when I would hover over the menu. Not a very useful JS runtime error. Anyway, I did some additional experimentation and here is a peculiarity that I found.

I'm might want to use frames for the site I'm designing so I downloaded the Frames sample you had here and it ran fine on my system, however, I'm used to naming my html files with a .html extension. When I renamed the files in your Frames sample from .htm to .html and changed the associated links in the rest of the source, I got the same message that is described in my second paragraph. The menus display, but the background colors disappear and if you hover over a menu the error is produced and no popups are displayed. I renamed the files back with .htm extensions, modified the code references and everything works fine.

Question #1: Why do my html files have to have .htm as the one and only extension.

Another peculiarity I have bumped into using your exact Frame demo, is that if I right click on the side_frame or the top_frame and select the Refresh menu option. I get an Error: Permission denied message.
Note: This only occurs if I've first hovered over a menu and seen a popup.

Question #2: Is this a bug? (I can't afford to build a frames based site and risk having my users calling me with the same problem.)

That's it for now.