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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:19

Zone Alarm and menu compatibility

Poster: gilman01
Dated: Friday November 1 2002 - 21:55:37 GMT

Has anyone experienced a problem using the menu with ZoneAlarm Pro Version with Ad Blocking Enabled?

I have a client who says she can not see past the first level menu on any page with the menu running (I sent her to a number of sites including this one) but when she disables this feature in Zone Alarm the menu works flawlessly. She is using IE6 (reloaded it this morning to make sure it wasn't a corrupted version).

I am just curious if in fact this is the problem that others using ZA might be having. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Poster: gary_smithson
Dated: Friday November 1 2002 - 22:12:24 GMT

I have a friend who has tested my site with Zone Alarm both on and off. Yes, ZA causes problems with the menu. I doubt that anything can be done to prevent the problems because ZA actually rips out chuncks of JavaScript that it finds ?"questionable"?. I hear that WebWasher might also do the same thing.

ZA and the menu

Poster: Jack D. Ripper
Dated: Sunday November 3 2002 - 8:12:58 GMT

I have the standard ZA and find no problems with it. The menu works fine within all levels...... If this works fine in ZA, how could the ZA pro be that much different?

Poster: gary_smithson
Dated: Sunday November 3 2002 - 20:35:17 GMT

That's good news about ZA Standard, as that's what most people will have. ZA Pro is obviously more aggressive.

Poster: Scott
Dated: Friday November 8 2002 - 19:49:02 GMT

I was running Zone Alarm standard for 2 years and never had an issue..

Sometimes it pays to be cheap and not buy the full version. ;)