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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:19

What am I doing wrong?

Poster: Cat Lover
Dated: Saturday November 2 2002 - 2:17:33 GMT

Hi again!!!

What is wrong with my menu? Where it is written "accueil" it's not supposed to be white,
( it's supposed to be the same color as the rest...)
and when I click on a link in the menu, the same link turnes white...
Why is that?
And why is it so slow?
It worked just so fine before I upload it to my server...


Cat Lover

current page properties

Poster: pat __at__
Dated: Saturday November 2 2002 - 4:37:35 GMT

In your menu_array.js file change the lines which relate to the "current page" as follows (it is located in the menu property about half way down):

"", // Current Page Item Font Color (leave this blank to disable)
"", // Current Page Item Background Color (leave this blank to disable)

At the moment you have selected white (ffffff) as the background color and black (000000) as the font color for the current page the visitor is at. If you do not want to remind the visitor where they are in your website, disable this feature by simply leaving the info in the quotes blank like this

Poster: Cat Lover
Dated: Saturday November 2 2002 - 5:21:48 GMT

Yeay!!! Thank you! !!!

Load Time

Poster: pbowers
Dated: Wednesday November 6 2002 - 20:15:33 GMT

Yikes! I'm using DSL and that page ( ) took about 45 seconds to arrive.

Just an observation.


Poster: Cat Lover
Dated: Wednesday November 6 2002 - 21:11:04 GMT

It did???? wow, I'll check that out! I had no one complaining that it took such a long time for the page to load. Was it the same for all the other pages of my site, or only the index page?
Chantale (Trois-Rivieres!)

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Thursday November 7 2002 - 8:17:34 GMT

FYI: The index page took about 6 seconds for me; IE6.0, Windows 2000, Cable Internet Access.