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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:19

Stack Overflow Error with FrontPage "Includes"

Poster: B. Sebastian
Dated: Monday November 4 2002 - 18:07:10 GMT

Just DL'd the Milonic menu from Dynamic Drive. Nice menu! But, I have run into a problem after setting it up...

First off, I read through the FAQ, and saw the post about double mmenu.js files. My problem is a variation on this - but one I don't know how to get around. Here's what I am "trying" to do. I configured the menu to work in a standalone html file that I want to use as an include component with MS Frontpage. The idea is to have the menu exist by itself in one file, and call (include) that file from other pages that need it (this may extend to subwebs as well). I have the menu_array and mmenu.js files set in the same folder as all the html files that will include the menu file. I have only one instance of the <script ... mmenu.js...> and <script ... menu_array.js ...> lines in the <head> of of the html file that is calling the include file with the menu (hope this makes sense). When viewing the html file that is "including" the meu, I get this message:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Stack overflow at line: 508

Apparently, this is referring to line 508 of the mmenu.js file(?). But, as others have seen, after clicking on OK, the menu works OK. Now, if I take out the <script...mmenu.js...> line in the <head> of the html file calling the include, I don't get the stack overflow error, but the menu is about 4 pixels wide! The only way I have found to make all this work is to take out the two <script> lines in the <head> of the include file - which makes that file unusable when testing changes made to the menu. It does, however, work when calling the include file from the html files using it (i.e., no stack overflow error). Sorry for the confusing description, but hopefully :?: , someone might have an idea???

Any ideas as to how to get it all to work together?


Wrong forum - Sorry!!! (argh)

Poster: B. Sebastian
Dated: Monday November 4 2002 - 18:09:39 GMT

Dropped the previous message in the wrong forum. Sorry 'bout that.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday November 4 2002 - 19:19:24 GMT

Have you tried setting loadWait to 1 and then removing the second mmenu.js file?

This normally fixes the problem of tiny menus in Shared Borders


Wow - What a Quick Reply

Poster: B. Sebastian
Dated: Monday November 4 2002 - 20:15:54 GMT

Andy - Thanks for the quick response (!). No - I haven't tried your suggestion, but I will before the end of the day. Sounds like the "tiny menus" have been seen before - lucky for me.

Thanks very much! The more I play around with this menu, the more ideas I get :roll: . Very nice!