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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:17

Problems Going Vertical

Poster: spiritwolf
Dated: Monday November 18 2002 - 3:11:57 GMT

I am having problems going vertical


this is what I want:

News --> Site News
-->Program News
Genealogy -->Index


I changed the 12th variable to 1 and this is what I get I have changed widths and all and still cant figure it out.

this is what I got:

News Genealogy
->site news ->Program news

,"Home","",,"Back to the home page",1 // "Description Text", "URL", "Alternate URL", "Status", "Separator Bar"
,"News  ","show-menu=news",,"News Pages",1
,"Genealogy  ","show-menu=genealogy",,"Genealogy Pages",1
,"Trucking  ","show-menu=trucking",,"Trucking Pages",1
,"Woodworking  ","show-menu=woodworking",,"Woodworking Pages",1
,"ZT Companion  ","show-menu=ztcompanion",,"ZTC Pages",1
,"Links & Guestbooks  ","show-menu=links",,"Link & Guestbook",1
,"Art  ","show-menu=art",,"Art Pages",1

   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Website News","news.shtml swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Website News",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;ZTC News","ztnews.shtml swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"ZTC News",1

   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Index","ftree.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Family Pages Index",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Howeth Family Tree","/familytree/Howeth/index.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Howeth Family Tree",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Moore Family Tree","/familytree/Moore/index.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Moore Family Tree",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Woods' Family Tree","/familytree/Woods/index.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Woods Family Tree",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Whole Family Tree","/familytree/All/index.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Whole Family Tree",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Family Photos","fpictures.htm swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Family Photos",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Photos","tpictures.html",,"Truck Photos",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Links","tlinks.html",,"Trucking Links",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Index & Links", "wood.html swapimage=newsimage_over.gif",,"Woodworking Links",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Download","/ZTC/index.html",,"ZTC Download Page",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Archives","/ZTC/archive.html",,"ZTC Download Archives",1
        ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Forums","",,"ZTC Forums",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Links","links.html",,"Assorted Links",1
   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Guestbook","",,"Guestbook",1

   ,"<img src=newsimage.gif border=0>&nbsp;Art/Graphics","Art.html",,"Art & Graphics Page",1


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Monday November 18 2002 - 7:36:17 GMT

By default, a menus want to be vertical. The 12th element of a menu array can override this behavior. From the comment for the 12th element, found in the downloadable menu_array.js files...
// Horizontal Menu - Tells the menu to become horizontal instead of top to bottom style (1=on/0=off)

So, setting the 12th element of your menu array to 1 specifically causes the menu to be horizintal! If you want it to be vertical, leave the 12th element unset, or set it to 0.

Hope that helps,