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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:17

Mac OSX10.1.5, IE5.1, Follow Scroll Problem

Poster: jim40er
Dated: Saturday November 16 2002 - 1:29:03 GMT

A Mac user viewing my web site, reported the following (screen shots are available upon request) using Milonic 3.5.07:

Using: Mac TiBook 667 running OS X 10.1.5, IE 5.1 512MB DRAM At: ... ampleid=11
Here the vertical menu produces multiple menus, as I scroll up only part of the box remains, sort of like it was torn off when the box itself moved upward. That is, there are remnants of the box left behind, ranging from a simple line (when scrolled up just a bit) to the whole box (when I rapidly scrolled about halfway up). It seems to be moving in jumps rather than smoothly scrolling, and it is at these jump points where the bottom part gets duplicated. OK, here's something further. On my Mac there is a vertical scrollbar to the right with up and down arrows to control the scrolling. If I press and hole the up arrow, the window scrolls in short jumps rather than a smooth scroll. If I hold down the mouse button for one jump, things look OK. If I hold it down for two jumps, I get a small part of the box torn off. Three jumps and I get half the box, four leaves behind a copy of the entire box. If I grab the scroll bar itself and scroll smoothly, the same results occur: Parts of the box are copied and left behind. The less I move the bar upwards, the smaller the remnant; If
I move the scroll bar halfway up, again the whole box is copied and left behind as the new box jumps up.

Operation is normal on a PC. Is there a Mac fix in the works for this?