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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:38

Some basic questions...

Poster: theotheragentm
Dated: Tuesday May 21 2002 - 20:51:44 BST

i had a couple questions about the menus.

1. when you highlight something and it pops up the submenu, is there a can to make the original text a link as well?

2. i want the menus to look just like the background. i set the menu background to the same as the page background. i dont want borders on the menus. is there a way i can add | in between each links? so it would look like this:


Poster: theotheragentm
Dated: Friday May 24 2002 - 19:50:01 BST


Poster: yadin
Dated: Sunday May 26 2002 - 15:15:05 BST

1. Absolutely, this is a basic function of the menu. I you read the array entries for the menu section you'll see each entry has a url and alt url field. Simply put the show menu command in the url and the link for the header item in the alt url.

2. I'm not sure what you are asking, this isn't clear. You ask to remove borders then ask how to add them, I'm confused. Could you describe this more clearly and offer a url for your page?


no borders on top or bottom

Poster: theotheragentm
Dated: Sunday May 26 2002 - 18:29:54 BST

im looking to add borders vertically between the text but not on the top or bottom. also i wouldnt want borders at the end.

LINK 1 | LINK 2 | LINK 3 | LINK 4

microsoft's page is somewhat like this.