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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:39

Opera shows wrong items, IE supports no scrolling -

Poster: sebastian __at__ active-undergro
Dated: Saturday May 11 2002 - 8:40:42 BST

I have a very funny problem: I would like to use the menu on my page ( . So I made a index2.php in order to test the menu. After this the following problem is there: in IE (6) the menu does not scroll - but in opera! In opera are the original menu items, in IE are mine! I have changed the scrolling_arry.js with my items and links. There ist no other file! From where it takes his old (original) items? And why does scrolling not work in IE? What is my problem? Please help me! I`m from germany - so I could not come to you for spending a beer. But if you come to germany one day: I will do so.... Thanks in advance for troubleshooting,