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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:39

Netscape hides menu

Poster: ravi __at__
Dated: Monday May 13 2002 - 19:29:01 BST

The menu works perfect in IE, but blows up in Netscape 4.x. The menu appears for a second, the appears to be hidden behind the table.

Here is the url [right menu] :

I did a search for "PlaceMenu", and could not get it to work. I am not a "programmer" and need some help getting this to work.

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Netscape hides menu

Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday May 14 2002 - 22:33:37 BST

Under NS4.79 I did not see what you are describing (assuming you're talking about the menu in the upper right corner of the window). What I did see was...

...the menu staying on top of the table and actually covering up some of your text.

...when I resized the window all your text went haywire, including in the menu. It looks like it lost hold of the CSS.

I would suggest adding the NS resize fix to your page so the refresh is automatic for the user. It looks like you might be using Dreamweaver. Get the fix from the Commands menu.


Netscape Menu Issue

Poster: Anonymous
Dated: Monday May 20 2002 - 16:12:18 BST

I have a similar problem with the menu in netscape 4.X and 6.X, the menu does one of two things depending on the browser version.

In the 4.7X it is either hidden (does not appear at all and where the menu is embedded in the table with the "placemenu" script the background is gone or it appears at the top of the page over the top of the header file.

In all other versions of netscape the menu does not appear at all? The area again where the menu is embedded in the table is without background image, just the page background color.

I have the netscape fix on all of the pages. In IE all versions the page loads without any problems just that it appears at the top of the page and then jumps into the cell. I am usinig position offsets of -200 and -200 as was suggested in one of your previous posts and in a post from another user (can't remember her name) I removed the </td> and </tr> tags that immediately follow the script to place the menu.

Any suggestions

I like the menu and if it works in all of the browsers it is great.


Poster: yadin
Dated: Sunday May 26 2002 - 15:11:27 BST

Netscape does have issues in complex situations with tables and script. We have tried to work around browser personality issues but only so much can be done. I see your issue where the menu is not locking to the cell in Netscape. My immediate idea for you is to make multiple tables on the page rather then cells. In this way you can put the header image in one table, end that, then the next table under it on the page only contains the menu, etc. Breaking the table rows into 3 seperate tables may help Netscape keep things straight.
Let use know,

Possible Solution

Poster: leatherlips
Dated: Wednesday July 3 2002 - 22:49:14 BST

I found that if I changed the shadow effect to 0, it showed up in Netscape 4x and 6. When it was set to 5, it was gone.