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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:40

cannot get menu to display

Poster: pamcole __at__
Dated: Wednesday May 1 2002 - 2:13:05 BST

Help! My DHTML menu displays beautifully when I preview it from dreamweaver, but it will not display when I try to open the .html file by itself. What am I doing wrong??
Thanks in advance.

cannot get menu to display

Poster: getramu __at__
Dated: Wednesday May 8 2002 - 8:50:29 BST

I have downloaded your menu code for frames and i am very much in need for the Frames version of the Menu and that menu is dynamically generated from DATABASE and the JAVA SCRIPT Code will be generated from ASP . So can you help me how to generate the MENU WHICH SUPPORTS FRAMES AND BUILDS DYNAMICALLY THROUGH DATABASE USING ASP


Re: cannot get menu to display

Poster: iwant2byteu2 __at__ iwant2byteu2
Dated: Tuesday May 7 2002 - 20:23:38 BST

Sorry you are having problems with your menu but, would there be any error's or do you have a link to the menu so it can be seen?

Re: cannot get menu to display

Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday May 8 2002 - 17:28:46 BST

Well, I got the menu to display great (don't know how) with two exception:

A page with forms won't display the menu.

I'm having the same IE5 Mac problem as others. A big border at the top that messes up the page.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the reply.