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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:44

Full Scripts for Table Bound

Poster: mcarangi __at__
Dated: Wednesday March 6 2002 - 19:50:54 GMT


I was wondering when the full scripts for the table bound menu will be available for download.

I have tried to do this without them, but have encountered all sorts of problems in Netscape. I have read all other messages involving this same problem but have yet to get it to work properly.


Re: Full Scripts for Table Bound

Poster: yadin
Dated: Sunday March 10 2002 - 1:45:48 GMT

<HTML>The current download, 3.3.18, and all before it in the 3.3.x line support gluing to a table cell. Is this the function you mean? Perhaps you're not using it right, do you have a test site?

Re: Full Scripts for Table Bound

Poster: mcarangi __at__
Dated: Monday March 11 2002 - 18:56:25 GMT

<HTML>I've downloaded the script from the website. Whichever version that is, it doesn't work in Netscape 4.

Here's the test page. I am trying to align the menu to the bottom left of the image.