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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Wednesday July 18 2012 - 06:07:43

Dynamically creating menus...

Poster: paulm __at__
Dated: Tuesday March 26 2002 - 12:19:37 GMT

I am trying to create a pop-up menu that will allow me to view/edit a users details.

This is all being called from a server-side script to dynamically build the client-side script to show the pop-up on a graphic next to the user's name.

When ever I try to do this, it fails with "Object required"......what am I doing wrong.



' Add the menu for this extn....
a = "addmenu(menu=['xtn',,,250,1,'',style1,,'left',effect,,,,,,,,,,,,,' View Details ','dir2.asp?extn=KEY',,,0,' Show all Users ','dir2.asm?sextn=NUM',,,0,' Edit this User ','extensionedit.asp?extensionkey=KEY',,,0])"

a = replace(a,"KEY",rs("extensionkey"))
a = replace(a,"NUM",rs("extn"))
a = replace(a,"'",chr(34))

response.write "<SCR"

Re: Dynamically creating menus...

Poster: manight __at__
Dated: Monday February 25 2002 - 17:58:10 GMT


The actual code that is generated works fine so I'm thinking that it might be something else.

Does the code work without the ASP additions?

The way I would do this is change the file extension on menu_array.js from .js to .asp. This will force IIS to parse this file.

Then try something like this.

addmenu(menu=["extn<% =rs("extensionkey")) %>",,,250,1,"",style1,,"left",effect,,,,,,,,,,,,
," View Details ","dir2.asp?extn=<% =rs("extensionkey")) %>",,,0
," Show all Users ","dir2.asm?sextn=rs("extn"))",,,0
," Edit this User ","extensionedit.asp?extensionkey=<% =rs("extensionkey")) %>",,,",,,0

Might need a bit tweaking but it's an idea.


Re: Dynamically creating menus...

Poster: smac
Dated: Monday February 25 2002 - 19:12:24 GMT

No, it works fine if I force the menu to be displayed (i.e. just naming the submenu 'fred'), it just doesn't seem to create the new menus...

I have used response.write to view the 'parsed' code to the client screen, and looking at the page source on the destination, the <SCRIPT> </SCRIPT> elements are there along with the addmenu code.

Generated HTML:
<SCRIPT Language=Javascript>addmenu(menu=["extn27",,,250,1,"",style1,,"left",effect,,,,,,,,,,,,," View Details ","dir2.asp?extn=27",,,0," Show all Users ","dir2.asm?sextn=4014",,,0," Edit this User ","extensionedit.asp?extensionkey=27",,,0])</SCRIPT>

I notice that there is no error generated (i.e. Javascript errors) at the client end.