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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:40

Menu border not shown in Opera 6

Poster: richard.beton
Dated: Tuesday July 9 2002 - 14:16:00 BST


I am developing a page with a Milonic menu. I am very pleased that it works so well in all the browsers I have tried. One minor comment is that Opera6 does not show the borders on the top menu, although it correctly shows borders on the drop-down menu.

I have this in my config file

<pre>style1=[ // style1 is an array of properties. You can have as many property arrays as you need. This means that menus can have their own style.
fontFColOff, // Mouse Off Font Color
fontBColOff, // Mouse Off Background Color
fontFColOn, // Mouse On Font Color
fontBColOn, // Mouse On Background Color
"408040", // Menu Border Color
12, // Font Size in pixels
"normal", // Font Style (italic or normal)
"bold", // Font Weight (bold or normal)
"Parisian, Verdana, fantasy", // Font Name
4, // Menu Item Padding
"js/icons/arrow.gif", // Sub Menu Image (Leave this blank if not needed)
"FF0000", // 3D Border & Separator bar
"C0FFC0", // 3D High Color
"408040", // 3D Low Color
, // Current Page Item Font Color (leave this blank to disable)
, // Current Page Item Background Color (leave this blank to disable)
"js/icons/arrowdn.gif", // Top Bar image (Leave this blank to disable)
, // Menu Header Font Color (Leave blank if headers are not needed)
, // Menu Header Background Color (Leave blank if headers are not needed)
"408040", // Menu Item Separator Color


got the same problem here.

Poster: thoemme
Dated: Tuesday July 16 2002 - 14:26:17 BST

Everything works fine in IE and NS , but in Opera there are no borders on the FIRST (main) menu.

Please check in Opera to see what i mean. Only the seperators are visible...

Thanx for your help :mrgreen:


Poster: phptek
Dated: Friday August 9 2002 - 4:34:48 BST

Did either of you guys ever get your border problems sorted? As I have the same problem for IE 5.5 on Win2K - see: and


Poster: thoemme
Dated: Wednesday August 21 2002 - 18:52:46 BST

no, i'm afraid not.


Poster: Ten-Zero
Dated: Tuesday November 5 2002 - 4:55:33 GMT

While Opera users are few and far between, I too would like my site users to be unaffected by which browser they use.

My menu also uses menu-borders and dividers which aren't visible on the main menu (but are in the secondary ones).

I hope the Milonic team will be able to address or answer this issue.


Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday November 6 2002 - 12:16:41 GMT

It's on the To-Do list for version 4.0