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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:45


Poster: sebastian.becker __at__ berlin.d
Dated: Saturday January 26 2002 - 5:35:08 GMT


correct me, if I'm not up to date - but in the previous version of your menu I was missing the possibility to add leading arrows or bullets. So I added this feature with an image variable.

Maybe there could also be an option to add an arrow at the end of each item if there is a submenu (like in hierarchical menus, which is the classic dhtml-menu to be beaten).

If not already done, you could possibly add these features in new versions of your script. :-)


Sebastian Becker

Re: arrows

Poster: andreas __at__
Dated: Friday February 15 2002 - 6:16:26 GMT

Hi Sebastian,
If I am right then what you are looking for is already available in the Menu.
Check out the menu's homepage and check out the menu used there - it already has the arrows for submenus implemented.


Re: arrows

Poster: dwormans __at__
Dated: Friday February 15 2002 - 17:10:24 GMT

Hi, Neil,

you are right concerning the arrows at the end of each item - I simply forgot about that. By the way, I wonder why the background of the "down"-arrow is not transparent in the example page, you manchined.

My main proposal was to add leading arrows or bullets and I haven't found that. I did this with a variable on the page, which is still using the old version of the milonic menu, and it worked fine.

I would appreciate if this feature was added in new versions of the script.



Re: arrows

Poster: dsutton __at__
Dated: Friday February 15 2002 - 22:12:26 GMT

Hi Sebastian,

Sorry I can't help you any more - I'm not a coder of Andy's calibre I'm afraid.
Just looking through the mmenu.js file makes me feel sick!

I assume it is just a matter of changing the alignment/position of the image in the mmenu.js file - who knows.

Hopefully if Andy or Yadin are looking in on this thread then maybe they can help you more.


Re: arrows

Poster: natasha __at__
Dated: Saturday February 16 2002 - 0:13:38 GMT

Hey guys,
There is no feature to add an image as a 'bullet' as if doing an unordered list in the menu. You can align the submenu image to left right or center, but of course this only shows up if there is a sub menu. If you wanted to add bullets to your menu items then yes you would need to tag in your own images or use a text bullet. Your suggestion is noted, but I think it will be pretty low on the list as you can handle this easily without us bloating the code.

Re: arrows

Poster: Andy
Dated: Saturday February 16 2002 - 3:21:40 GMT

I hope Yadin or some other coder can help me on this one:

I need to rebuild the CS homepage ( and I'm pretty far in completing the task with your menu script.
The only problem is with the changing arrows. I can get my arrows to change on MouseOver, but the problem is, on MouseOut they change back to their original state.
But they should remain in their mouseOver-state when a submenu opens, just like the bgColor of the entries remain in the selected color. I tried and tried to change the popi- and popdn-functions but can't get it up and running.
I also saw that your example with dynamic images isn't finished, yet, so I assume you're working on that.


Re: arrows

Poster: bflava __at__
Dated: Sunday February 17 2002 - 6:13:07 GMT

man, you posted this everywhere didn't you? :) Again, sorry but this isn't currently how the menu works, but I agree it should. I've passed this to Andy for consideration of a later release. Since text does stay highlighted on the parent when in a child menu the rollover should also stay active. The problem is they were coded differently at the time. We'll keep you posted!