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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:44


Poster: alex.butter __at__
Dated: Thursday February 21 2002 - 12:45:33 GMT

Hi guys,

I love this menu! I've looked at other DHTML menus, but this simply has to be the best version. The small file sizes, cross-browser compatibility and customisation options are absolutely fantastic!

I have a question: I'm thinking of using this menu in corporate sites I develop, and what I'd like to know is if there are any licensing costs, or is the copyright notice and possibly a voluntary donation for your R

Re: Licensing?

Poster: jcrock03 __at__ sprintspectrum.c
Dated: Wednesday March 6 2002 - 20:56:48 GMT


You can purchase a support contract for $50.

This allows you to use the menu on your web sites without the need for links back to

You also get guaranteed support. I'm struggling to reply to all FREE requests due to insuficient hours in the day but if you have a support contract your reply jumps to the top of the list and we guarantee to get you up and running.

You also have a say in any new features you would like adding too.

Anyway, heres the link if you would like to buy a support contract <a href=/support/></a>

-- Andy

Re: Licensing?

Poster: nospam __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 3:39:34 GMT

Hi Andy,

I've bought a couple of these myself, but I didn't use that direct PayPal link. You've got me down in your system, right?

I'm about to go for #3, and have a few more en route, I think.

--Matt Robertson--
MSB Designs, Inc.

p.s. the ColdFusion Milonic db tie-in is still doing steady downloads - at a higher rate than the HierMenus equivalent. Hopefully you've made a couple of bucks off of this as well.

Re: Licensing?

Poster: dmunn __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 5:39:40 GMT

How can one purchase a license for those that don't want to use paypal?

Re: Licensing?

Poster: coca __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 6:55:13 GMT

First off; Andre - I appreciate that some of you don't trust PayPal and if you let me know your prefered method of how you would like to pay - I'll see what I can do.

Secondly; Matt - You are my number 1 customer :-)) and yes your on the system.

I'm going to make a start on the log-in part so that you can request support that way if you ever need it. You just need your account number - Have I sent you an account number ?

Oh, and those of you thinking I'm selling out - I'm not. Of all the Support Contracts I've sold it should just about cover the domain regsitrations. I've still got to cover the Apple Mac I bought and I've just bought a new server that will be installed at the weekend (I hope) and then theres all the years of hard labor and other expenses - So, i've got a long way to go yet before I even make a profit.

Don't worry folks the menu is free, always has been and always will be.

-- Andy

Re: Licensing?

Poster: webmaster __at__ janusfoundation
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 14:07:48 GMT

#1 customer? Me? Sheesh... Folks should cough up a few bucks, already!

I have a couple of (itty-bitty... really) features I'd like to see added. glad to hear that first part about us registered types getting the boss' ear on new things. ;D



Re: Licensing?

Poster: trejbi __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 17:06:16 GMT

How about by regular check (US bank) or M.O.s?

Re: Licensing?

Poster: gs03cws __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 19:20:49 GMT

Matt - You mention that the ColdFusion Milonic db tie-in should be bringing in some revenue what should I be expecting then? - it's news to me.

Oh BTW have you seen the licensing for Hiermenus, seems if you have less than 5 pages expect to pay $29.95 for a Personal License. Business Licenses are somewhat more expensive but depend on how many pages your site has.

I think your getting a pretty good deal since there really isnt much in it between what you get, well, unless performance, ease of use, half the file size and the best support I can give you are important or not important.

Anyway Andre - it seems that I need to get a channel for regular US checks then - leave it with me and I'll get something sorted.

-- Andy

Re: Licensing?

Poster: Charlie __at__ digitalphotograph
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 21:32:26 GMT

Hi Andy,

What I meant was that I know there's a LOT of buzz about the obscene HierMenus pricing issues -- which have been in place for quite some time and, as you've noticed, they *finally* went public with recently (only five choices? Who wants a drop-down menu with five choices? An obvious BS pricing model).

As such there are a lot of CF developers looking to get rid of HierMenus Right Now. The fast rate of the tag's download speaks to this, plus all of the talk I've heard on the message boards.

With all of that attention, you really ought to put up a visible licensing policy and link so people don't have to look for it, As a further suggestion, I'd put same in the source code. You've got a great product I bet a lot more people would gladly pay for if a prominent licensing link were available.

Well, I'm off to license another copy ;D



Re: Licensing?

Poster: webmaster __at__
Dated: Thursday March 7 2002 - 22:13:10 GMT

Hi guys,

Like Andre, I'm not too keen in this case on paying with credit cards on the 'net, not because I don't trust it, but because it's not me that's paying, but my employer. They're already throwing a wobbler at me for using 'undocumented' (in their opinion) software. The thing here is that they expect a nice box with a thick book with lots of nice colourfull pictures in it.

Anyways, I managed to get them off that idea, but I'm not allowed to use the company credit card...

So I guess I'll be paying myself, and then filling in a 2 page declaration form. :) sigh...

I had a look a HierMenu's and ok, it looks pretty good, but MMenu is so much better (and prettier and smaller)! And to pay $29.95 for a site with 5 pages... ahum, get real, guys.

Anyway that's it, just one more question... purely out of interest, how much time has gone into the development of MMenus?


Re: Licensing?

Poster: mangaurav __at__
Dated: Friday March 8 2002 - 7:13:28 GMT


It seems that I really need to get a US channel for collectiong funds. A friend mentioned a Swiss bank account - sound good to me :-))

Seriously - It's a must and it will happen, I'm in the US next week so that may give me a chance to try and get something sorted.

As for the amount of time spent on the project - You really don't want to know........ Oh, you do - OK it's about 2 years of my life, working seven days a week for a long as I can remember. I've also invested in lots of equipment and I sometimes have about 7 machines going all at once when I'm testing and debugging.

My estimate to the cost is around $120,000 - not that much but considerable. I havnt had a proper job for well over a year and I'm hoping things will take off so that i can start developing other DHTML products, I've got some good ideas just need time to get them started.


Re: Licensing?

Poster: mangaurav __at__
Dated: Friday March 8 2002 - 9:10:00 GMT

You should change the FAQs. There's a free cost fee in there.
Licensing for 30$ is good I think. But should I buy more licenses if I put it on severale sites?
Buying license means I can remove the link back to this site and have support right?

Re: Licensing?

Poster: jake __at__
Dated: Friday March 8 2002 - 10:30:45 GMT


>> You should change the FAQs.

I'm developing a new site, should be posted in a day or so.

>> Buying license means I can remove the link back to this site and have support right?

Absolutely :-)

-- Andy

Re: Licensing?

Poster: twd76 __at__
Dated: Friday March 8 2002 - 14:38:54 GMT

FYI.. I contacted Hier about a 5 page corporate site and they wanted like $1500 for the menu! hahah.. I will gladly pay $30 for your menu. It is simply the best.

I would reccomend a little better documentation (a complete word document with all options and flags would be nice) but overall it is so easy to configure that it blows heir out of the water.


Re: Licensing?

Poster: priest __at__
Dated: Sunday March 10 2002 - 4:53:19 GMT

I had the same experience several months ago. This is what happens when retail-marketing types take over a developer's product. Totally wrong appreciation of who their market is, or how fast they can be replaced, which is pretty fast given my project time for a HM-to-Milonic site I did last week.

Re: Licensing?

Poster: peter_m __at__
Dated: Sunday March 10 2002 - 20:54:08 GMT

Exactly. I must say that between Heir and Milonic, neither has great documentation and it is hard to get going on the first menu. Once you get it down, it is a 2 second job.

I saw the tag you have going in the Allaire Tag Gallery. While I didn't look at it I can assume what you are doing. That should make it even easier for anyone to get a menu going.

In about 2 hours today I figured out every little thing about Milonic and am almost set (doesn't seem to like Unicode text in the js files). I even putzed around with the js files and got some CF coding going on in them. Love this menu.

Re: Licensing?

Poster: lefou __at__
Dated: Monday March 11 2002 - 1:54:36 GMT

Yeah, it does a nice job of automating the build process, but I use it for pulling the load of building a great big recursive menu tree off of the server and handing it over to the client. Ridiculously low server load when you do that: maybe 50-70 ms (!) for a page with a 200-item menu.

If you add in GZip encoding (CFX_GZip and CF_GZipPage) you drop bandwidth needed for the arrays to almost nothing... so there's no appreciable client-side load on a whopping big menu tree.

Re: Licensing?

Poster: dj10 __at__
Dated: Monday March 11 2002 - 2:07:14 GMT

Thankfully my menus are way smaller =)

Re: Licensing?

Poster: sc_venice __at__
Dated: Monday March 11 2002 - 6:02:28 GMT

Hey Andy,

Just wondering, what ideas do you have for new DHTML projects?