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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:39

What am I missing????

Poster: chaimooo
Dated: Tuesday August 6 2002 - 2:37:38 BST

My menu almost works fine except for the first line in the array
What do I put after this line-- is there some kind of nul value to put here?

, // Miscellaneous Menu Properties

<right here>


Poster: menufurfer
Dated: Tuesday August 6 2002 - 3:31:58 BST

The docs say its the Mouse Off Font Color, i.e. the first line in the menu properties array. But your menus look like you have the header font colors right. What effect are you trying unsuccessfully to achieve? /mfurf

Poster: chaimooo
Dated: Tuesday August 6 2002 - 4:06:05 BST

All the sample menus have something like this in the first lines

, // Miscellaneous Menu Properties

,"News sites  ","show-menu=news",,"",1
,"Webmaster  ","show-menu=webmaster",,"",1


which creates the menus--

I created my menus a bit different using onmouse in the html page to pull up the menu--

Therefore I did not need to have the menu created by the above statements-

However with no statement there I kept getting errors-

So I did this

, // Miscellaneous Menu Properties


And that fixed the errors, but it also brought up a tiny box,

so I set

// Always Visible - allows the menu item to be visible at all time (1=on/0=off)

to 0.

That fixed my situation-- although I am not sure if it is the correct way.