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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:39

How to make submenus, background images and frames work

Poster: liwebsolutions
Dated: Monday August 12 2002 - 3:52:17 BST

The following is in my frame_header and is the best of many trial and errors sessions with still no result. The following is happening:
1-the submenu does not appear in the frame_body.
2-the overbackimage stays as long as the mouse is anywhere in the frame_header menu and is not replaced by the backimage until the mouse is moved out of the menu. I did try backimage and overbackimage with the show-menu string but the top menu did not have any images for the item

,"Desc Text","show-menu=submenu target=frame_body;sourceframe=main",
"# backimage=image.gif;overbackimage=image_over.gif","Status",1

Thanks in advance for any help; my will to conquer has faded.

Poster: menufurfer
Dated: Monday August 12 2002 - 23:41:48 BST

I'm not all that sure what role the sourceframe command plays. I didn't use it with my original frames. But in tinkering with it, as I recall, I seem to remember my menus didn't work right if the the target and sourceframe names were different.

If the name of your target is frame_body, try making your sourceframe the same name.

Anyone? What does sourceframe do? /mfurf

Poster: liwebsolutions
Dated: Tuesday August 13 2002 - 0:57:15 BST

Thanks furfer..the sourceframe name change put the submenu in the frame_body. My will to conquer has been revived.... I still have problem 2 in my original posting though (argh!).... Now I am trying to figure out how to place the submenus with the suboffset_top, suboffset_left, Frames_Top_Offset and Frames_Left_Offset

Poster: menufurfer
Dated: Saturday August 17 2002 - 4:02:04 BST

I didn't see your post until now. On no. 2, I can't be of much help since I decided not to use images: even if they work right they are extra overhead. I don't think anyone misses them.

On positioning the menus, this is generally trial and error although I don't think most of those offset values need be changed.

If you still have trouble finetuning, I can go look at my settings. My menus are centered under a topframe. Are you using a top or side frame as your base? /mfurf

Poster: liwebsolutions
Dated: Saturday August 17 2002 - 11:58:00 BST

thanks hor with 1 sub menu uder the item...see a more recent posting with a url

iframe and menu overlapping

Poster: juztin187
Dated: Sunday August 18 2002 - 20:37:19 BST

i have my menu on the left side of the screen and an iframe on the right of it. the menu links target to the iframe next to it. i noticed on ie 5.5 and higher that the menu extensions overlapped the iframe, but any ie under 5.5 showed the iframe in front of the menu extensions and the menu extensions were covered behind it. is there any way to fix this so the menu extension will always show in front of it? is there a javascript to make the menu override or hide the iframe when selected?