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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:39

Hor menu and vert menu in table gives stack overflow error

Poster: Al
Dated: Sunday August 11 2002 - 19:11:42 BST

My webpage has both a horizontal menu in the header cell of a table and a vertical menu in the left column of the table.

I am using 2 arrays - menu_array.js for the header and menu_array_v_scout.js for the vertical menu in the left column.

I have commented out the section
// The following line is critical for menu operation, and must appear only once.
//menunum=0;menus=new Array();_d=document;function

//addmenu(){menunum++;menus[menunum]=menu;}function dumpmenus(){mt="<script


//Please leave the above line intact
in the second, vertical menu array (menu_array_v_scout.js ).

I receive a stack overflow error when I access the page.

Any ideas?

Stack Overflow

Poster: leatherlips
Dated: Monday August 12 2002 - 3:51:49 BST

Not sure, but maybe you should delete the following from your second menu file (menu_array_v_scout.js):

menunum=0;menus=new Array();_d=document;function addmenu(){menunum++;menus[menunum]=menu;}function dumpmenus(){mt="<script language=javascript>";for(a=1;a<menus.length;a++){mt+=" menu"+a+"=menus["+a+"];"}mt+="<\/script>";_d.write(mt)}

Poster: Al
Dated: Tuesday August 13 2002 - 1:01:28 BST

I have deleted the lines that you identified but I still receive the same stack error.

Any other ideas?


Stack Overflow

Poster: leatherlips
Dated: Tuesday August 13 2002 - 1:16:45 BST

Could you post the URL of your site? It might help to be able to look at the code directly.

Poster: daytonw
Dated: Wednesday September 18 2002 - 0:31:32 BST

I am having the same stack overflow problem. Did you solve it?
I will let you know if I do...I just got the problem like 5 minutes ago. Right now I am using Text for my verticle menu.

Poster: daytonw
Dated: Wednesday September 18 2002 - 1:49:55 BST

Ok, I figured my problem
I called the mmenu.js twice on my page.
That should solve your problem.