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Taken From The Forum: Archived Topics for the old Version 3.0 JavaScript Menu
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:43

Showing sub-menus on click--not mouseover

Poster: __at__
Dated: Tuesday April 16 2002 - 15:48:11 BST

I'm trying to make sub-menus show when you click the parent menu item (rather than passing your mouse over it). I figured that this is exactly what the variable labeled as

// Open the Menus OnClick - leave blank for OnMouseover (1=on/0=off)

is for. However, when I set this to 1, the sub-menus don't appear on mouse over. Unfortunately, they also don't appear on click. I get an "Object Expected" error, too.

Here's a sample page with the code I'm using--and the error I get when you click on either of the last two menu items: ... efault.htm

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Re: Showing sub-menus on click--not mouseover

Poster: Anonymous
Dated: Sunday May 19 2002 - 19:50:57 BST

Remove the <base target="content"> entry in your buttonFrame.htm. Then it will work.
But unfortunatly the Pages won't be opened in the frame you want. If you enter a target=content to the url (like ,"Core A","or/caseList.asp?area=CoreA target=content",,"View cases for Core A",1) in the addmenu-Comand it won't work, too.
It seems to be a small bug. This only happens when the "Openmenuonlclick-Option is set to 1. I hope it will be fixed soon. ;)